Friday, January 15, 2010

The Bird Speaks...

I like to talk, A LOT, and when no one's around, I like to write.
I have two other blogs: Grapevine Fires, where I try to make you laugh, and Such Great Heights, where I try to make you feel something.
I always want to rant on them, but neither of them is the place for such things. I needed a place to talk.

Thus, Talking Bird was born!

Ellemar, is there a theme to your blog names? To be frank, they seem stupid and random.

Duly noted, reader! No, they are not random words that I mashed together. You see, I have a deep love for anything Ben Gibbard lends is glorious voice to, so my blog names are song names. Grapevine Fires and Talking Bird are from Death Cab For Cutie albums, and Such Great Heights is from The Postal Service.

I really don't want to hear about anything you have to say.

I admire your frankness, reader! You'd be surprised though, some strange and fascinating stuff happens around me.

Why aren't you cooler?

Haha, and how! Dear reader, it is scientifically proven that I cannot be cool. My favourite word is macabre, and I have never even seen Titanic. Name a popular singer/band/person: I can guarantee that you that my response will be a blank stare. And honestly, who wants to be cool when you can walk around like a jackass and have tons of fun like I do?

Tell me something about yourself.

Thanks for not being mean, reader! I am 19 years old, lacking a direction in life. I like books, writing and cooking. I have a dog, two cats and a bird, two siblings, divorced parents, a grocery store job and a boyfriend. An Internet-addict, I spend my days off discovering hilarious and weird things online. Webcomics and take up the bulk of my days.

Why should I keep reading? How often will you update?

What a flurry of questions, reader! You should keep reading because I promise something interesting will happen. As for how often I'll update, I can't say for sure, but I hope it'll be regularly. I've gotten a little behind on my other blogs and it shames me. I will keep up with this one!

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