Friday, January 29, 2010

Lollipops, New Friends and Comics

Firstly, the lollipops I ordered from Lollyphile FINALLY came! It was a long wait, but totally worth it, because these Pomegranate Tangerine lollipops are delicious. They aren't quite picture perfect - the ones in the picture look more pomegranate than tangerine like mine do - but my teeth are starting to feel all fuzzy from the sugar (don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about!), and really, isn't that what we all want? For our teeth to be covered in delicious sugar? Now I'm just chewing on the stick, because I do that sometimes.

New friends! As you've probably gleaned by now, I'm an incredibly awkward person. I work with a bunch of very awesome girls, and I consider many of them friends. But I am always too shy to ask them to hang out in case they think I'm some kind of retard. Who the fuck asks to hang out? What are we, 5? Are we arranging a play date?
Uh, yeah.
Anyway, when I was discussing how badass Shabusen's is, Carolina said she'd never been, and then said "We should go sometime!" Like the sad little nerd I am, I actually got excited.

Maybe I won't die alone after all.

Also, comics.
In the webcomic world, I stumbled upon another awesome one. Hark! A Vagrant is drawn and written by Kate Beaton, my new favourite person! It's history with rofl-worthy twist. My favourite ones are about the writers. The James Joyce one is hilarious if you know what she's talking about. Google 'james joyce love letters to nora barnacle'. What a classy, classy man.
See also:
Poe and Verne

Shelley(s) and Byron

Nerd paradise!

Psst! I forgot to tell you! I'm starting my OWN comic! It's still in the ideas stage, so I can't tell you about the plot yet, but I've started drawing bits of it, and I've come a long way from the shit I used to draw. Let's hope it turns out nice!

PS. I was forced to use my brothers deoderant today, since there was no girly stuff at my dad's. Ladies, if you're inexplicably attracted to me, that's why. Do not be alarmed.

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