Sunday, February 7, 2010

Olympic Cry-Babies and Homemade Hot Chocolate



If you don't live in Vancouver, you're probably excited about the coming Winter Olympics.
If you DO live in Vancouver, seriously, shut the fuck up about it already.

Since my fair city seems to be populated entirely by cry-baby communists and hippies, there is a fair amount of bitching about the Olympics.

But what's the point of bitching if the Olympics is inevitably going to happen?

I have honestly been saying that since the beginning, people. There is no point in complaining if it's not going to change anything. It's too late, everybody, the Olympics start on Friday, and there's nothing you can do to change it.

What are Vancouverites complaining about?

Shit, what aren't they complaining about? Road closures, trucks moving snow from Manning Park to Cypress Mountain, the thousands more people that will be packed into the city, and the money. Oh, the money. People of Vancouver, here's my advice:


For god's sake, just shut up. But especially, shut up about it when you come into Famous Foods. If I hear one more person complain to me about the Olympics at work, I'm going to snap. Mostly because their jokes are TERRIBLE. You middle-aged yuppie losers, get a sense of humour.

One woman said "Are you ready for the Big O?"
The what? Has she never heard of orgasms being referred to as "the Big O"? Was she sexually harassing me? I just laughed nervously.

Another woman, upon seeing a baby crying, remarked "He must be thinking about the Olympics. Oops, did I say that out loud? LOLOLOLOL" Stop. Just stop it. That was awful. Who the fuck told you you were funny?

Personally, I think the Olympics are going to be kind of fun. There's going to be cool, free stuff downtown like, every night. Admittance to the Vancouver Art Gallery is going to be FREE for the entire time that the Olympics are going to be in town, and they have a Da Vinci exhibit. This is the first time Da Vinci's stuff has been in Vancouver, and anyone can go see it. I've heard there are going to be dances and parties practically every night. What the hell! So cool! Don't you fags like having fun? Christ.

Well, I'm done griping for the night, because really, who can stay mad when you're making HOMEMADE HOT CHOCOLATE??

Yes. I found a recipe for homemade hot chocolate on Simply Recipes, and it's ridiculously easy to boot. As for the variations on the recipe, that you'll learn about if you click the link on 'homemade hot chocolate', I steeped a vanilla bean and a cinnamon stick in the milk. Could have used more cinnamon, so I'll use two sticks next time, but oh my god. Oh my god. I will never make hot chocolate with that powdered mix garbage again.

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