Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beatdowns, Mad Max and Lemonade

Okay, okay, okay. Listen to this.

Now, every so often, I incite people with my "I don't give a shit about you" attitude. Namely, a girl i used to be acquainted with. Let's give her an alias. I'll call her Beth.

In grade school, Beth was the outcast, because she was quite severely physically deformed. Now, I know that it's supposed to be on the inside that counts, not the outside, but we were all little kids, so what do you expect. The world is not, and is not going to be, a perfect place. Thus, she was not the favourite.

In Grade 3 I was invited to one of her birthday parties. Normally, I will be friends with the most uncool of people, but this was a younger, more insecure me, and I knew that hanging out with Beth was (and let's use my most hated term of all time) "social suicide". It's true. But, I was too polite to decline, and my mom made me go. Something about making me a better person? Anyway, I went, and can I just say MOST BORING BIRTHDAY PARTY OF MY LIFE. I didn't know anyone, and apparently we were supposed to come dressed as our favourite celebrities. Now, I don't know how other kids are raised, but I wasn't raised in front of a fucking TV. I ran around outside and climbed trees and rolled down hills. I didn't know shit about celebrities (I also didn't read the invitation properly). I said I was just there as myself. I was invited to another birthday party in Grade 4 but I made up an excuse.

Now, it's been years, and I haven't concerned myself with thinking about her. She went to my high school but I tried not to speak to her. I'd heard my friends say she was rude and had a bad temper, and I don't like associating myself with rude, bad tempered people, so I stayed away. And honestly, I had no interest. I had my set of friends and didn't see any point in widening the circle.

Fast forward to a few hours ago. Beth messages me yet again, and I'm starting to get pretty tired of playing nice. I've told her before that I don't want to add her, and I tried to politely but firmly brush her off. But there has to be a point where you stop mincing words and get your point across. So it finally came to me saying:

"Listen. I went to your birthday party once because I was too polite to decline. Nothing ever happened between us because I didn't consider us friends. I'm not going to add you because you're trying to make me feel sorry for you."

Of course, you can't just say whatever you want without having someone having a problem with it. I was met with:

"First of all im not trying to make you feel sorry second Im sorry to say this but youre a bitch to me and all i did was be nice to you in champlain and cared but now i realize fuck it why should i be nice to you if youre a bitch to me. And tell your dad not to talk to me and piss off cause i dont wanna deal with him. By the way im calm right now but you dont know that i went to jail for punching someone out so be careful what you say."

Now, I only take proper grammar seriously. Anything less means that I don't care about what you have to say.
1) If you think I'm a bitch, fine. I do not care. It's about time that people started saying what they thought. If you think I'm a bitch, good, that means I won't have to deal with you anymore and we can both move on.
2) Listen, girl. My father can't even remember who my actual friends are. Even Amanda, who used to come to my house every single day in high school to walk to school with me, was forgotten. I would constantly have to remind him who she was. So I hardly think it's likely that he's remembering you.
3)Seriously? You don't think people have pulled that "Oh, I'm so tough because I beat someone up" card on me before? I'm a highly controversial person; I say things that people don't like. You, Beth, are in no way the first person to threaten me. I didn't back down before either. I am afraid of NOBODY.
Anyway, Beth then deleted her account, so I couldn't reply, which is actually quite frustrating since I've already got a bunch of awesome comebacks. Buuut I guess if you can't handle the heat, you've got to get out of the fire.

There you have it, my rant. I don't like people assuming that they can threaten me, and why would I want to be friends with someone who "went to jail" anyway? In closing:

Suck my dick, bitch.

PS. Peter made THE MOST AMAZING lemonade ever today. Like, fresh-squeezed from lemons. He got the recipe off Chef at Home, an excellent show. It was sweet, but tart at the same time, and get this: he put ginger in it. Apparently that is the secret ingredient to good lemonade. Now, I can't tell you exactly how he did it, but he did it well, and I hope he makes more!

I also watched Repo Men last night. Awesome, awesome movie. I can't say much more because I don't want to spoil it. Just go and see it, you'll udnerstand.
And I'm watching Mad Max 2 at the moment, so you'll excuse me if my concentration is a little shot. Did you know that young Mel Gibson was one of the hottest things alive? He is seriously so gorgeous, hot DAMN.

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