Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dreams and Almost!

One thing I have always been proud of are my insane dreams that I have almost every night. There's a line from Abarat that described perfectly what it's like:

"Candy has always prided herself upon having a vivid imagination. When, for instance, she privately compared her dreams with those her brothers descrcibed over the breakfast table, or her friends at school exchanged at break, she always discovered her own night visions were a lot wilder and weirder than anybody else's." Abarat, ch. 13, para. 1

That's pretty much what it's like for me too. I always have wilder, crazier dreams than everyone else I know.

Like last night. The whole thing was one continuous dream, but it kept getting broken up because I would wake up occassionally. But the awesome part was that as soon as I fell back asleep, the dream would continue.

I really wish I'd written it down right after I woke up, because as always, the finer details are lost to me now. I know there were zombies for the majority of the dream (very typical). We were in some city, hiding out from them. All the house were built high up, with ladders you could climb up to them. You could be walking down a completely empty street, with other people walking around too, enjoying the sunny weather, and then out of nowhere, a horde of zombies would come moaning towards you, prompting everyone to run and hide or shoot. The whole dream actually started at my mom's house, with zombies slowly taking over the neighbourhood, and some friends and myself holing up inside the house.

There was some crazy stuff. Tanis was in it, and, for some reason, she was pregnant (I don't know either, Tanis, it was fuucked). I was escorting and protecting her through the zombie wasteland, and we came to a place where it was safe, but run by this insane dictator-type fellow. He was an asshole, and and seeing me watching out for Tanis made him mad, so he kept trying to separate us. Finally, he approached me and told me that if I didn't do as he said, he would kill Tanis. I'm pretty sure he was going to kill me anyways, but I can't remember what happened next.

I kept trying to shoot these zombies in the head, but the trigger was incredibly hard to pull, and I kept missing, so finally, I walked right up to the damn thing, and slowly and deliberately shot a round into it head, and then said to it "That was a head shot, okay?" and it was like "Yeah, you're right" and then died.

Also, there was a final part, sans zombies, where I needed to make a magical weapon for someone, using some random odds and ends parts. A little girl was helping me, and she found something and then threw it away. I asked her what it was, and she said "Oh, it was just a tiny key." And I was thought, "Well shit, that sure sounds like a magical item I could use." I found it, and sure enough it was this tiny fucking key."

There was so much more that I can't remember, or even describe, to this dream. I'm going to make a habit of actually writing my dreams down now, because I could honestly write books based on them.

In other news, my birthday is in... one day!! Ahh! I know some people don't care about their birthdays, but mine is very important to me. I'm going to be 20 years old! I've been alive for two whole decades. I told Maria this, and she laughed. "Wooow, two whole decades? Hahaha, kid, talk to me again when it's been five." Still, it's a big deal! I'm super stoked.

Also, Tanis arrives two days after said birthday, and I'm really rushing to get everything done. Clear out that spare room, get a key cut, clean the whole place, etc. I also realized it smells like catfood in here. Sorry, Tanis =/

Now, a poem that was on the bus:

You wake up
your son at two
in the morning
so the boy
the dog and you
can leave the city
drive to the beach
just out of town
where you lie in the sand
to watch the night sky.

Your three heads
touching in the dark.

I really love that last part there. I don't know why it gets me so much.


  1. Haha, it's okay, and if need be, I can help you tidy up a bit when I get there, I don't mind. Thanks again for having me!
    And I was pregnant? Oooooookay.... what colour was my hair?

  2. Hahahaha dude I don't remember what the fuck your hair colour was! There was so much crazy shit going on. Also, I'm only pretty sure it was you. Sometimes I'll have a dream where, say, I'm going somewhere with Max, and the person will look nothing like Max in real life, but in my dream, it's him.