Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nothing, Nothing, and I Need Some New Material

Still haven't tried writing anything for that website. I think I'm scared. Wait, I don't think I'm scared, I KNOW I'm scared. I just wish I could think of something to write that fits their criteria of being informative. I really don't think I know anything worth knowing. I know webcomics, I know writing, I know books and cooking. To quote Charlie Brown: "AUUUGH"

I have a feeling I'm going to end up not signing up for those Italian classes at VCC. Why? Because I'm a huge pussy. Whine whine bitch bitch.

I'm going to go and get the New Vegas problem sorted out tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have that back by the end of the day so I don't have to think about anything other than killing ghouls, raiders and Deathclaws.

On my way to work, I saw a house on fire! Well, I didn't really see the flames or anything, because the house must have been like 5 minutes away from me, but I could see this huge pillar of black smoke reaching up into the sky. I wanted to go and see so bad! That made me feel guilty though. Someone was losing their home and maybe all their possessions, or worse, their life, and I wanted to go oggle at their misfortune.

...I still wish I'd gone and looked though.

So I got these new boots the other day, and ohhhhhh my god, I am in love with them. They're made for -20 weather, and they are sooo warm, and sooo cool looking. They're water-proof, and they make me half an inch taller! It really doesn't get much better than that. So BRING IT, winter! I was worried when I heard about how terrible winter was going to be this year, but not anymore. I've got a warm jacket and the fucking sweetest boots ever, so I don't even care.
Haha, do you want to know what size my boots are? 11w. Yes. I have huge feet. It's pretty unfortunate actually, because they don't make very many stylish shoes for women with big feet, and I love shoes. So I have to buy the gigantic ones.

Why are my feet so big? It's a bit of a mystery, really. I was in for a routine checkup one day at my doctor's, and she commented that neck looked a little swollen. I felt slightly miffed at this, because I've always been sensitive about the fatness of my neck. Then she asked what size my feet were, and when I told her how big they were, she said that was odd, considering I'm only 5'5". So she thinks that since my feet are so big, I was actually supposed to be much taller than I am, but a possible defective thyroid squashed all hope of Giant Lisa from ever becoming a reality. Wow, riveting stuff here! What will I think of next? Maybe I'll talk about how small my hands are (you know what they say about people who have small hands... They make terrible piano players), or the last time I got my hair cut! Whoooowhee, fuckin' party up in here.

Also, as I was googling exactly what a thyroid is, I came upon the word 'goiter', which I'd heard before but never really knew that much about it, so I looked at a picture. I warn you, don't do it. Now I'm terrified of goiters.

ALSO, as I wrote 'googling' up there, a read line appeared under it, indicating that it is not a word. Why haven't they just made it a word yet?


  1. have i ever mentioned how much i like seeing life through your eyes? just thought i should mention that.

  2. Like it, eh? But I view life through crazy-coloured glasses!

    Hahaha, sorry, I can never stop making jokes. This actually totally made my day, and is a huge coincidence, really, because I really enjoy seeing life through your eyes too. It's very refreshing. You're so good, and kind, and your writing is always so hopeful sounding. I like it.