Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Dog Days Are Over

I keep putting off my updates, because I tell myself that I have nothing to talk about. But there are always things to talk about.

For one thing, I've fallen in love with Florence + The Machine. The link is to one of her songs, Rabbit Heart, which I've been listening to over and over again for the past half hour now. Her voice is just so full and in your face. I read about her in my most favourite of magazines, Nylon, and she sounds like a really cool person. However, I mostly think that because from her interview it sounds like her room is as crowded with treasures as mine is. I know that Max criticizes me for having way too much stuff, but I just can't help it. My things make me happy. I like to think that collectors like me are just people who are capable of seeing the inherent value in everything. As a kid, I had really strong ties with my belongings, and inanimate objects in general. I always gave them personalities and feelings, thanks too a very overactive imagination, so throwing away things was hard because I would just imagine how sad they must be. I know, it sounds totally crazy. I was kind of a crazy kid.

So, the secret's out. I was planning a surprise bridal shower for Miss Amanda, but it was just becoming to stressful to keep a secret from her, so I spilled the beans. I know, it would have been fun if it had been a surprise, but I was thinking about it, and Amanda's not really the type of person to put much stock in such things. She's a very practical person. After I told her, I just felt so relieved. It's just going to be so much easier to plan now that she knows about it. And I can double check with her which foods she does and doesn't like, so that she can enjoy everything that I'll be serving. Speaking of which, would you like to hear what the menu is looking like so far? Of course you would.

-my mum's patented mini quiche
-mini sandwiches. Three different types (cucumber, ham and dijon, smoked salmon and cream cheese)
-melon ball salad
-mini bundt cakes
-sangria, punch, teas and coffee

It's going to be in the early afternoon, so I wanted to have cute little finger foods for everybody. Now that I've got all that stress out of the way, I can get properly excited about this. I love proper parties like this! You can all keep your drunken, Saturday night house parties. Give me afternoon tea on a clear summer Sunday. I was supposed to go to a bbq party that Chiara and her boyfriend, Dan, were hosting today, but I'm honestly not comfortable at parties. Chiara and her friends are all great people, but I'm just not so good at talking to people. Everyone was going to be drunk except for me, and it was going to be really far away from my house, and I would have to go there and back alone. And, okay, I'll tell you the honest reason I was not so keen on going. Since I'm missing a tooth, and my retainer is the only thing keeping up the illusion that I don't have a gap right in the front of my smile AND I have to take said retainer out when I eat, I was just too embarrassed. I know that nobody cares once I tell them, but I just hate hate hate it so much. It's so ugly, and yes, as nuts as this sounds, I do avoid going places with people that involves eating because taking my retainer out is ugly and it makes me feel ugly. One day, I'll have the money to fix it.

In happier news, I finally got around to trying on the dress I'm going to be wearing to Amanda's wedding. It's a dress that I already had, which is pretty swell since I won't have to spend money on a new one, and it's practically the perfect colour. I did have to squeeze myself into it, but there was only a little bit of squeezing involved. And once it's all zipped up, it looks pretty great. I am going to shorten it a bit, because it goes all the way down to my knees and honestly, what century is this? Dresses that are too long make me look all dowdy and blerg. Now I just have to get around to my shoes, jewelry and hairstyle and I'll be golden.

Also, Tanis is gone. I knew, even before she got here, that she wouldn't be here forever, but what can you do? I have decided, however, that I will go and visit her in December. I'm totally excited about this! The last time I went to Florida, I was 7 years old, and I can't remember much aside from a zoo, an old folk's home, lizards and mini golf, so it'll be nice to have some new memories of the place. I picked December because 1) school will be out by then, and 2) it won't be so hellishly hot. Actually, it'll probably still be too hot for me, haha. But I'm looking forward to meeting all the people and places that Tanis has told me about, and seeing Christina again. Also, I'm going to swim in the Atlantic Ocean! Tanis said the water is warm down there. Such a foreign thought. Everybody knows that oceans are supposed to be black and freezing cold! I'm thinking I'll go for like, a week and a half, maybe. Two weeks would be cool, but that seems like an awful long time to be away from home, and I don't want to impose on Tanis for two whole weeks. This trip is still in it's daydreaming stage, but I hope it happens!

I watched the clouds roll in over my fair city on this night, and sat with my eyes closed, listening to the late night rain and Florence Welch telling me that "the dog days are over."