Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Don't Know Where We Go From Here

Happy news! I'm making a webcomic with my friend Paul! Now, normally I'm not one for group projects, since I always want to take control and make everything my own way. But maybe that's just Old Lisa talking. New Lisa is a little bit more self-actualized, and much calmer. I am a writer as well as a doodler, but I'm content to just do the drawings while Paul does most of the writing. That being said, I'm definitely going to put my own ideas in there, but I'll mostly be trying to focus on drawing.

Eeee, I'm so excited! While it would be fun to have my very own, just me webcomic, it's definitely going to be easier with another person. Maybe if I've got someone nagging me to get shit done, shit will, in fact, get done. So he gave me a couple of short scripts to work with, and I'm going to scribble them out and see how things go.

In other less cool news, Max is gone for two and a half weeks on a trip with his friends to judge and play in a bunch of Magic competitions. While I'm happy that he's going off to have a fun time, I'm mega bummed that I'm not going to see him for so long. Work has scheduled me a lot, though, so that will fill my time, and we've both got Skype now so it'll be easier to keep in touch, and see his nice, handsome face.

This is just a short, silly update, since I've been too lazy to do a proper one. I started to write one the other night, about serious stuff, but bah, who wants to be serious? I will have a lot to talk about soon, since school is starting up in a couple of weeks, and... yeah, that's all there is to look forward to right now. But I'm super stoked! It'll be a nice change to be back in school again.

Also, I've been trying to play Bioshock again, but I-I just can't. It is the fucking scariest game. I have no problem walking into a metro tunnel and talking on 20 feral ghouls in Fallout, or running up to a Deathclaw and shooting it in the face, but Splicers are oh-my-god the most frightening things. Peter thinks I'm a pussy. He would be correct.

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  1. Cool! Make sure you link us to the webcomic when you've got something up =D

    Boo on nerdy boys leaving for nerdery!

    Silly updates are AWESOME.

    I am also a pussy.