Monday, September 12, 2011

I'd Rather Still Be Asleep

Okay, I totally feel better now. It's just the combination of nighttime, hunger and stress that do these things to me.

I'm just stressed out by this self-portrait that I have to paint. It's our first project for this class, and I'm frustrated that the teacher didn't tell us anything about painting before shoving us out of the proverbial nest. I would have preferred a little instruction first. Who knows, though. It may turn out alright. I've only just started. I'm painting myself as a matryoshka, like my tattoo. She said we could represent ourselves however I want, so I'm making a cartooney matryoshka, and I'm going to to have different size and coloured speech bubbles everywhere, to pay tribute to the cartooning that I will eventually be doing.

Today I have to drag myself out of the house early so I can go to Deserres and buy a portfolio for school, and possibly some other essentials. Something called conté, and maybe a giant sketchbook. Tanis had a great one that she left behind, but it was down in the basement, and as I discovered last night when I found it, it got destroyed when our basement flooded. Great. Anyway, I don't really want to leave early, but what can you do. Actually... fuck it, I'll go tomorrow. I don't want to have to drag it to work with me, and on the bus after. Laziness reigns supreme once again.

I'm too bored to write about how Drawing and Design were, so I'll give you a little breakdown: Drawing is going to be dope, Design is going to be boooring. That is all. Now, listen to this song...


  1. please post this painting when it is finished... pretty please.

  2. You bet your bottom dollar I will! ...If it's not completely terrible.

  3. i left you some conte crayons too, but idk if they're broken or not