Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's All Art, You Twat-Weasles

Can I please, please, please just make art without it being pointed out to me that illustration and "art" are different things? Maybe I like illustrating jokes for my friends. How can you honestly look at a thoughtfully drawn illustration and differentiate, and then look at something fucking Duchamp puked up and call that art.


Friday, May 3, 2013

A Different Kind of Fix

My role in life has made itself apparent to me. The thing that I am best at doing is helping people. But not in a mundane way. I seem to be best at helping people be at ease. I'm not doing a very good job at explaining it, I know. But it's like... like I seem to be able to lift the veil for people, and bring them out into the sunshine. To just put out a hand, and touch someone, and coax them into some sense, however brief, of gladness or serenity or joy.

I'm not trying to sound high and mighty about this. Quite the opposite, I am incredibly humbled at my seeming ability to do this. I'm happy that I can help. I feel like art is just another avenue for me to help out. Images can effect us deeply, and I appear to be very capable of creating things that bring other people joy. It's a good feeling, and it gives me a sort of peace of mind, knowing that I've found what I'm really good at. I like quietly moving amongst the people in my life, stopping here and there to pick somebody up.

The only thing that occassionally worries me, when I stop long enough to let myself think about it, is: Who's going to pick me up?

(Also, please check out this link! It leads to some of the most marvelously beautiful photography I've ever seen: )