Friday, July 22, 2011

Wedding Cake, Why?

Well, it's finally upon us. The wedding is tomorrow. The cake is made, the rehearsal was mastered, and my fake nails are freshly glued on. They're actually kind of uncomfortable, and I'm not in love with them as I thought I was. That's okay though, after tomorrow I can take them off... with great difficulty...

There is nothing sadder than seeing a grown woman reduced to near tears by a failed cake. That was me earlier today. Well, the cake itself was perfect. It was exactly the way it was supposed to be. Light, fluffy and delicious. It was the stupid buttercream that failed me.

I don't understand what I did wrong. I made it exactly the same as the first time, albeit the doubled recipe. It was too runny and the colour was wrong, and it made the cake all soggy. So I threw out the soggy bit and walked to the grocery store to buy more eggs, trying to walk off my rage at the same time. So, I got the eggs and made the cake again. It was nowhere near the perfection that was the first cake, but I was beyond caring at that point, so I iced it up and stuck it full of raspberries, et voila. One wedding cake for tomorrow.

I'm actually going to go to sleep right now. Or rather, try to. I'm going to get up at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning and begin my maid of honour duties. Let's all hope that tomorrow happens without a hitch. Well, there will be one hitch. Haha, wedding puns.


  1. Aw I bet it's delicious and perfect anyway! =D Have fun~

  2. Thank you! And I've been trying to reply to your comments and comment on your blog for awhile, but my the internet is being awful and not letting me :(