Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Child And A Chickadee

I know, I know I am the most cynical, harsh person. I know that sometimes, I am not kind. I know I am exacting, I know I am hard to please.

But sometimes, I get moved to tears by things like this.
(If you can watch it in full screen, I recommend you do so. It's better that way.)

I don't even know how to explain it. I just... okay, here, I wrote a poem about it one time.

Sometimes I am moved to tears by the world
A sound a face a breeze a gesture a smell a colour a smile a death a wave
Why do these things, so small so nothing and unimportant,
MOVE me, to the point of overwhelming my senses,
this day-breaking gull flying light shining.
I don't believe in God or gods or heaven and hell
I believe that one day a plant grew and an animal became and one day,
one day,
a word was spoken,
so why tears? Why does a crowd of people, all seperate, all hurtling in different directions
hit me so hard?
Why will a child and a chickadee make me choke?

It's like sometimes, when I see things like that video, or witness events that are so seemingly unimportant, I feel the whole world at once.

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  1. I had a moment like that on the bus on the way home. But I think it was a little more personal.