Thursday, August 19, 2010

Words, Inception and Toaster Strudels

God, Radiolab! I cannot express how much I freaking love the things you talk about!

This episode is all about words, and damn. It is just so cool. What a perfect episode for a writer. They were just talking about Shakespeare, and all the words that he made up. He was one of the first to start adding the prefix "un-" to words. He made unearthly, undress, unsolicited, uncomfortable, unaware, unreal... I could go on. He started combining words too. Eyeball, ladybird, madcap, eyedrops, etc.

And the phrases! Dead as a doornail, the game is a foot, in my heart of hearts, and even knock knock, who's there? It's just so fucking cool. And now they're talking about how without language, we aren't really able to have thoughts.

Another man says "Basically, all we are is a story, a story that we tell ourselves." Like, my story is "My name is Lisa, and at the moment I'm 20. I love writing, drawing, cooking, and I have a boyfriend named Max. Tomorrow I am going to Chiara's barbecue, for which I made lamb meatballs." I really like that idea, that all we are is a story.

Today I saw Inception, and man, am I going to have a fuck of a time getting to sleep tonight. Haha, not really. It was very, very cool though, and if you haven't seen it yet, I suggest that you do. It's no big secret that I love dreams, and I'm fascinated by how it works. My own dreams are just so... wild and crazy, I feel like I'm addicted to them sometimes. I liked when, in the movie, they were talking about how you're the one creating the dream, but you feel as if you're just discovering it for the first time. I think it's amazing.

I feel well tonight. A little restless, but peaceful. Like I know there's going to be time for everything. Just drawing and blogging right now, listening to some Death Cab For Cutie and enjoying a toaster strudel. Speaking of toaster strudels...

Today, as I had some for breakfast, I was literally wiggling with joy. I love toaster strudels. I had one for the first time ever at Janine's house when I was about 11, and have loved them ever since. I hadn't had one for years before I realized "Hey, I'm an adult! And I have money! I'll just buy my own damn toaster strudels!" So I said to Max and Tanis, "Do you guys have something, like, a food, that you get excited about being able to eat because you love it so much?" They both didn't really understand what I was talking about.
Honestly? Am I the only one who feels like this? Like, another example is my all time favourite dinner of (breakfast) sausages, mashed potatoes and beans, with tea. I actually get excited when this is being made for dinner. It's total comfort food from my childhood. We had it a fair amount, because it was cheap, easy and filling. It just feels... cozy. And happy. But I asked them if they had a food like this, and they said no. You guys make me sad.

In other news, I've discovered this site called Sketchoholic, and it seems really fun. I believe there are contests, where they throw out something random like "Alien Farmer" or "Bunny Frog" and then you have to interpret that however you like and draw it. This will surely get the creative juices flowing! So I've signed up, and drawn my own Alien Farmer, but still have to figure out how this site works...

Anyway, peace it.

"And everyone you meet all seem to be asleep." - Bixby Canyon Bridge, by Death Cab For Cutie

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