Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Days Off

I'm starting to think that maybe I spend too much time on my own. As much as I love it when it's needed, maybe I should start, oh, I don't know, calling people? I'm just starting to feel bored and depressed most of them time. Gee, ain't that fun?!

So I've been doodling more and more comics. Paul's given me some good ideas, and I'm thinking up some of my own. Now it's up to me to put them on paper. I want to make 10 solid comics before we continue with everything else (making a website, etc), and the going is... a little slow. It's mostly because I've just been so fucking bored today, I can't be bothered to focus. I have my room, my living room and my bathroom to clean as well, so I'm avoiding everything and playing Fallout, of course.

Max isn't back for another 12 whole days, and I'm so bummed out. Hopefully we can skype tonight, and oh my god I just grew the greatest picture.

1 comment:

  1. Pooooost the picture!~ Dooooo it!! I have days like that too, and it's terrible when the boy's not around =( If I wasn't so busy these next two weeks (presentation at work, and getting ready for camping x_x) I'd say we should go shopping downtown but I think it will have to wait until September =(
    *hugs* Can't wait to see your comic though!!