Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Art Jobs and School Worry

I am a bad, bad girl. No updates since October? But I do have to beg that you forgive me. School is a madhouse, all the time. I was really trying to give it my all this last semester, and boy, did it pay off.

Painting         A-
Serigraphy     A-
Art History     A-
Drawing         B+
Cult. Theory   B

Feels fucking good, you guys. I really managed to buckle down this time, and still managed to get a reasonable amount of sleep every night! But that meant absolutely no video games at all, since September. It was actually hard to ignore my Xbox sometimes, but I did it. And this coming semester? It's going to be even better. Because this is it. My final semester.

I get a little overwhelmed with panic from time to time, because after school is over... then what? More school? Emily Carr? Should I go to grad school? What the fuck is grad school? How am I going to get a job? What art related jobs are there? Did I make a mistake with art school? But what else would I do?

These are the questions that haunt my every day.

When school is done in April, I will be seeking out a new job. I do like working at Famous Foods, but I don't want to fall into the trap of staying with a job that's easy. Sure, it would be super easy to just stay at Famous Foods for years. There are more than a few people at the store that have done that. One lady has been there for 20 years. Another girl, closer to my age, has been there for 7. There are more than that have have been there for too damn long, and I can't let myself become that. The thought of leaving what I know and getting a new job does scare me. I'm not a fan of big changes. I like things to be constant and easy. But I'll doom myself if I don't leave. So I'm giving myself a deadline, and telling everyone about it. That always motivates me, telling everyone about something I plan to do, because then I will have to face the ultimate shame of letting everyone down if I don't go through with it.

But where... Where are these art jobs? So far everything I've seen is way out of my reach. I'm just too under-qualified. I know what I want to find, kind of, but I don't know where to find it. What I would like is to have a job that pays decently, at least $14-15 an hour, has regular hours and will let me work full time, and will allow me to be in contact with art, somehow. But what does that even mean?! Where do you find jobs like these? It's all confusing and scary, and I'm just some dopey newbie artist who doesn't even have a proper portfolio yet.

I will be searching like crazy for something in the meantime (should I work at a gallery? Do they pay well?), and also preparing for this last semester. The 2nd year Art Show is in April, and I've got a lot of work to do to get my submissions for it ready. One last semester. Just one more. I can do it.


  1. These are questions I'm struggling with more and more because I'm done classes for good in April too. I know I want to do grad school but I want to work first and pay back my loans. I am scared out of my mind that I will not be able to find a job, and I'll have to leave Branden to go where the work is (because Vancouver has no jobs for me, but plenty for him)... And we want to move out, and afford it. The kinds of jobs I want are ones I could have done two years ago, that I would be competing with MSc's for >_< Let's be scared together, k <3 It'll work out.

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    1. Accidentally deleted my comment! Anyway, I am unsure of the pay for a normal art gallery, but my sister did work at a nonprofit community one (they paid very low) and she got full time, normal hours and got to sell local artists' work. She loved it. Perhaps if you work at a for-profit gallery they would pay better?