Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breakfast and Dinner (Dreakfast? Brinner?)

I just ate the most perfect toaster strudels, and now I feel all warm and happy inside. My mouth is still literally watering.
I have this obsession with toaster strudels, which I'm pretty sure stemmed from me not being allowed to have them as a wee child. No, I only had good, wholesome breakfasts in my younger years. Whenever my mom was making it, it was homemade pancakes with real maple syrup. Whenever my dad made breakfast (this was usually on weekends and was more of a brunch) we had peameal bacon and eggs, fruit, a big hunk of bread, and coco. I have no idea if that's the proper spelling, and it has no relation to 'cocoa' or anything else chocolatey. The way you make it is to whip egg yolks with some sugar until you get this custard, which in itself is an amazing treat. He would always make extra, so my brother and sister and I could some in a little bowl. Then, you take the custard and stir it in to warm milk, making the most frothy, the most delicious hot drink anyone could ever have imagined.

Now, I eat toaster strudels.

I was kind of lamenting the loss of our family dinners the other day. When my parents were still together, we would all have dinner together every night. My mum was what you would call a homemaker, up until I was in my mid-teens. I had a warm breakfast everyday, a lunch prepared for school, and a delicious dinner every night.
My mum made some great dinners. Lasagna nights were the best, made with my nonna's recipe. Stir fry nights were great too, and tortilla night was everybody's favourite. One of my all-time favourite meals was a recipe my mum had pulled from her father's Healthy Heart cookbook, which he'd gotten after his first heart attack. I don't know what it's called, but you chop up broccoli really fine, and toss grated gruyere in with white rice. With some of the rice, you make a ball of it, and wrap a piece of sole (or your favourite white fish) around it. Then you bake the fish/rice combo in the oven for a bit, leaving plenty of extra rice in a pot to put on the side of your plate. It is AMAZING, and I would eat it everyday for the rest of my life if I could.

Man, look what happened. I started talking about toaster strudels, and then I took a tasty trip down memory lane.

Going to go get my laptop fixed today (hopefully) and finally watch Scott Pilgrim with Max. Nice, relaxing day. Cute outfit, even if the pants do smell like woodsmoke a bit, and a nice sunny day. Let's try and make this pleasant, shall we?

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