Friday, September 24, 2010

How I Missed Your Ranting

Whoooaaa! This is my one hundredth blog post right here. It feels kind of momentous. I know it just means that I've been sitting around long enough to write some rabble, but still, it's important rabble.

So, my children, what's been going on?

Again, nothing. I work and hang out with no one. I'm really taking this loner thing to new heights. Honestly, the idea of hanging out with people is starting to make me uncomfortable. I'll be a bona fide hermit in no time! But in all seriousness, children, you're going to end up never seeing me again. I'll come out of my house every so often to be with Max, and that's all. Maybe that's all I need?

Naw, that's not true. Now, I never get lonely (which is one of my super powers) but I do get restless. Come to think of it, why don't I ever just go places by myself when I want to do something? I'm not adverse to seeing movies by myself, or just being on my own in general.

Speaking of being on my own, I was frustrated the other day that I don't have a place to call my own yet. I voiced this frustration to my father, and he came up with an awesome idea. He said "Well, why don't you and me rent a whole house together? I'll get the whole top half, and you'll get the whole basement." Holy fuck, yes please! At first I was hesitant. What did I want to share a place with my dad for? The whole point of moving out is to get away from my family. And then I thought "Wait, am I retarded or something?" An entire basement to myself? He said he would probably only charge me $400 tops for rent, for the whole basement. I'd have to be so fucking stupid to say no to that. So, we're going to rent a house together! I'm stoked. I'll have my own little suite, my own little kitchen and living room and bathroom and everything. I'm hoping it'll have two rooms, because one will obvs be my bedroom, and the other will become a study, no fucking joke. Do you know how long I've wanted my own study? I'll keep all my books there, and get this sweet old fashioned desk. And stuffed animals or something, and a big glass decanter of scotch. Goddamn, that will be awesome.

Apparently, we're going to have some friend of my dad's living with us soon. Well, the son of a friend. I'd be cool with it, but Rachel said he's like, 30+. That'll be lame. I thought he was going to be my age or something. I don't want to hang out with some old guy. Then my dad suggested we let him have the basement. No fucking way, man. If that happens, I will kick up such a fuss. Now, I pride myself on not being spoiled, but no way is some stranger going to get the awesome part of the house. I need that study.

Hrmm, what else has been happening.

I've started slow but steady work on my comic now. Big step: Two of my main characters now have names, which I'm pretty excited about. I'm going to start getting serious with this and developing the story more. Still not really sure how I'm going to make this into a webcomic, since I don't know anything about the "web" part of that word. Hopefully Max will lend a hand with the technical mumbo-jumbo, because I'm just no good at it.

Ugh, tired again. I hate getting tired. I slept for more than 12 hours last night though, so I can't really understand why I'm so tired now.

Tonight, I watched Samson and Delilah, Enter the Dragon and The Man from Laramie, on TCM. Today, I ate 2 toaster strudels, 3 spring rolls, one bowl of butternut squash ravioli in pesto sauce, one bowl of blueberry and vanilla granola cereal, one small bag of M&M's, half of a pomegranate and one package of Sesame Snaps. Why am I keeping track of this? I always do anyway, in my head.

There was something else I was going to tell you, but now I honestly can't recall. I've added another 2 webcomics to my ever growing list today. It's getting hard to keep track of them. I need to break out my obsessive organizing skills and order them by their updating schedule.

Well children, that's all for now. It's been a good 100 posts. Let's hope for 100 more!

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