Monday, October 4, 2010

Amazing Accidents

I was reading a hilarious article on Cracked, called 15 Things Christine O'Donnell Will Probably Say Before She's Not Elected. It's obviously a joke article, and a very funny one at that. But there was one thing written that bothered me...

"Science is a way of scaring us and our youth into believing that we are an accident."
Can I ask a question?

Why is that so scary?

Now, I do know that this was a joke article, and she has not actually said this. But there are tons of people out there that probably believe that statement, or something similar to it. But why? Really, what about us being accidents is frightening?

I think that it's mostly because people have a fear of the unknown. Things we don't understand scare us. So the prospect of being randomly brought into existence for no great purpose that we can see can be a little unsettling. There are lot's of people out there that agonize over the meaning of their being. So most of the time, it's easier to believe that an almighty God created us, and that he's got a plan for everyone. You may not know what that plan is yet, and hell, you may never know, but just the fact that there IS a plan is comforting. You're not a worthless speck. Someone put you here for a reason.

Personally, I believe none of that, and my life is no less rich and interesting for it.

I LOVE the idea that we're accidents. I think it's beautiful. Look around you: look at what we have come to. All this art, structure, language, culture... I think it's amazing that this could have all been one monumental accident. If one fragment hadn't collided with another, if element had stayed the wallflower and not mingled with the party, none of this would be here. But it did, and look. We were nothing, and now we have music! Dance! Love! Literature! All these things, by accident.

People say, "But what if those fragments HADN'T collided? What if that one element was shy? Then we would have never existed." Well, we do, so honestly... who cares? There's no point in worrying about what-if's.

As for purposes, well, I think our purpose is to live. Some people think that's bland. Some people think that's not enough. But why? Why is it not enough to just live and enjoy your life? Sure, you can sprinkle some volunteer work and world travel in there. You can do whatever you think makes your life more meaningful and memorable. If that's what you want your purpose to be, then do it.

I think that our ultimate purpose is much more simple (and less romantic) than that. Let's not forget that we are animals. Our base purpose is to continue. To grow, to meet, to mate, to give way to new life, and et cetera. Yes, that seems a little lame, to think that we're only here to breed and then die. But we've grown to the part where we can make our own purposes.

The idea of being accidental is incredible. Nobody wanted us here, or needed us here, but damnit all, we showed up anyway. We came, we dreamed, we grew.

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