Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Work Late, Work Early

The lady still hasn't emailed me back, and I'm all sad and worried.

I want this to be a real thing so bad! I just have to keep telling myself to think positive. For one thing, she said she was "really impressed" with my writing, so I don't think she would email me and just forget me. And I only emailed her on Sunday night, and it's now only Tuesday night. So I just need to chill and give it some time.

I'm working on colouring a new picture right now. I'll post it when it's done, which should be soon. I'm really starting to like this whole colouring on the computer thing.

Late night shift, early morning shift tomorrow. A customer night asked what time I got off work, and I said at 9:30. He said "Got anything crazy planned for the night?" to which I replied "Nnnnope. Going home and then going to bed. Early shift tomorrow at 8 am." He said "8? For this place?" I wearily told him yes. He just said "Wow. That sucks."

Yes, sir. Yes it does.

Goodnight kidlets.

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