Friday, April 15, 2011

Afternoon Tea Minus The Tea

Too busy to blog. But how is that possible, you ask? Everyone knows I have no life! To clarify, I have been too busy doing nothing to blog. And playing Fallout. Yeah, yeah, it's a sorry excuse.

I should be getting ready for work right now, so let me update really quickly. I made my own bread, my dad's birthday dinner was amazing (homemade lasagna and banana cream pie a la ME), Auntie Sue is in town and we've seen each other a bunch, Peter turned 16 and my dad gave him our stupid 1980 Mercedes as a present, Max is almost finished school, I'm now excited about my own schooling starting in September, and tomorrow we're having a big family potluck at my ma's house. Fuck. Yes. I love potlucks. I hope everyone brings something, so I can just be fat and eat and eat. I myself am making a vanilla cream pie, and dotting the top with fresh, whole raspberries. I think I've found my niche (in pies).

The weather is being tres bizarre lately. Yesterday was just about the crappiest day you could ever imagine, and it actually ended up snowing. My dad said it snowed again last night, because when he woke up there was a fine dusting of snow over everything. But now it's glorious outside, so the sun melted it all away. I, of course, slept until noon, so I missed out on all the early morning snow action. April is always a pretty weird month here, but don't despair, my kidlets. May is on it's way and the sun is going to be a permanent guest.

Debating on whether or not I should eat something (anything) before I head off to work. There are some delectable ginger cookies downstairs that I think I'm going to devour for my breakfast at 2:11 in the afternoon. It's too late for brunch, I think, so let's just say I'm having afternoon tea minus the tea. Lovely day to you all, and a proper entry soon.

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