Thursday, April 28, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Time is moving very slowly tonight. I keep glancing at the clock in the corner of my screen, expecting it to tell me that's it's some ungodly hour or other, but lo and behold, it's only 1:49 as I write this.

As I sit up in my living room in the top floor of my old house, listening to the rain hushing and a fabulous episode of Radiolab called Words, my brain is letting itself uncoil and relax. This is my own form mediation, sitting cross-legged with my laptop in front of me, voices droning, fingers twitching across the keyboard. Sometimes I'll just stop and stare at something, like the patterns of the cushions I have propped up around me, or the rug on the floor, and become lost in thoughts. Thoughts such as...

Where did I leave my chocolate egg and that bag of cashews?

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