Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's finally Spring. I don't even mind the rain that everyone was griping about yesterday. It can rain as much as it likes now, because as long as it's Spring I don't really care.

My favourite part of Spring has always been the cherry blossom trees. Their were tons of them in the neighbourhood I grew up in. They lined the streets, and we would wear the flowers in our hair and shake the trees until we stood in a shower of petals. They just bring back all these sweet memories of my carefree childhood, tumbling about in the woods and trails, rolling down grassy hills, catching bugs and climbing trees. Yesterday, I was walking to Max's house, and his entire street was lined with blossoming trees. I don't think they were the same kind, though, but it had the same effect. Just this feeling of joy. And the smell was heavenly too, so I'm thinking they were some kind of apple blossom.

Rachel's off to Europe now, and I am so so jealous. I wish I could just leave and go on a cool adventure. But I have a myriad of responsibilities: school in the Fall that I need to save up for, rent to pay, a wedding to plan... Yeah, that's it actually. I've decided, though, that once I'm done my two year program at Langara, I am going to go on my own solo trip to Europe, as a treat. Armed with my new-found art knowledge, I will traverse the continent in search of adventure!

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