Saturday, May 7, 2011

Philosophy and Bibian Blue

I feel better today, thank you. It comes and goes in waves.

I've been kind of inspired to take a philosophy class. I don't know when this will actually happen, but now I'd really like to. People have told me over and over again that I should be in philosophy classes, since I do enjoy rousing discussions about everything from life and death, love, faith and etc. I've stubbornly avoided taking them though, because as much as I love listening to intelligent conversations and being part of them, I extremely detest listening to idiots talk, and I would bet my life that more than a few idiots take philosophy classes for easy credits. I would have to kill these morons, unfortunately. Also, another reason I avoided classes in philosophy is that, while I have lots of good ideas I'd love to discuss, I tend to freeze-up when pressed to explain my views. I don't know why this happens. I lose my grip on words and just babble for awhile before the collective stares of others shuts me up.

So those are my silly reasons for not taking part in a class that I'm pretty sure I would enjoy. A little childish, yes, but there's always time to correct childish errors. What brought this train of thought on, actually, was a note that I wrote almost 2 months ago, about how we've defeated true death. I know I've blogged about this before as well, but here is my more recent endeavor into the thought. What made me happiest about this were the comments I received. The very best thing, though, is that I inspired someone else to continue writing. "No, thank you for inspiring me to write again. There's something I've been meaning to put to words for quite some time now, but I was never able to get it done. Now, I think I have a new project. Thanks."

That right there is the reason I keep writing at all. It's the reason I put up post after post. I keep hoping that someone out there will read my ideas, and in turn be inspired to write down their ideas, and so on and so forth.

Tonight I have to share an awesome discovery with you. I w
as bored and on Cracked, so then I googled Michael Swaim, which lead me to an interview he did for a magazine called Auxiliary (which was a great discovery on it's own). With nothing but time to kill, I began browsing their website, quickly becoming impressed. I was looking through the fashion section when I stumbled upon a true gem.

Bibian Blue is an amazing fashion line created by a woman named Bibiana. I am just so blown away by how amazing all her creations are, and by god, do I want some. Not to sound like one of those snooty fashion school kids, but her stuff is really crossing the line between fashion and art. It's like something a macabre Victorian goddess would wear. Certainly these aren't outfits for every day. These are the treasures you hang in your closet, and pull out for those special evenings where the air feels charged and the shadows are comfortable. Some of these outfits are suited to be worn to parties in ancient castles, where the muted light glances off the dust motes, while others should only be donned midnight summer rendezvous in English forests. Revelers would lounge at the bases of centuries old trees, with lanterns hanging from twisted limbs and everyone would feast on ripe plums and cool spring water.

Clearly, I'm enchanted. Her website shows off a lot of pictures, but you can find some more by just googling 'bibian blue'. I'll end this blog with my favourite one. Have a good night, all.


  1. You should definitely take a philosophy course =) The first couple classes are very quiet and cover basic stuff like Descartes so if you don't want to talk nobody will think it's strange. If you don't like it after that, you can always stop but take one to try, definitely.

    I will also have to look more into the Bibian Blue stuff it looks so awesome! I don't know if you've seen this sort of Gothic Victorian stuff around Vancouver but there's a store on West Cordova called New World that you should check out. Try on a corset while you're at it ;)

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking about it now. Could be neat :)
    And thanks, I think I will check out that place!