Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just Think

New house, new house, new house WHOO!

Fuuuck I just want to move into this place already. It is so perfect. There's just so much space, and so much potential.

The actual moving is going very, very slowly. My mum warned me about this. Apparently my dad is an infamously slow mover. So tonight we only moved all the bags of clothes that we had packed. But this gave me a chance to see everything all cleaned up and painted over. It's the first time I've seen it in almost 3 weeks, and I still love everything about it. My room is smaller than I remembered, and Peter's room is bigger than I remembered it, but it's still great.

Also, I have the nicest shower ever. It's entirely new, and... sigh. I'm just in love with everything about this place. Also, the basement is totally cool, and I'm looking forward to helping my dad get it all fixed up. We're going to make two rooms down there. I just really hope we're moved into this place before Christmas, which is in 9 days.

9 days. Goddamnit, I haven't bought presents for anyone yet! I know what I am getting them though...

MUM: Biotherm perfume set, tool kit, stocking stuff (I make her a stocking every year, because 2 years ago she told me that she hadn't had a stocking since her mum had died, when she was 16. I made her one that year, and the look on her face was priceless).

RACHEL: Matching tattoos, but those probably won't happen until the new year.

PETER: Comics, and some kind of super cool t-shirt. Peter likes to be fashionable.

DAD: A nice wool sweater, AND we're going to buy all the Christmas Eve dinner supplies, and cook everything too.

TONY: Also a nice wool sweater.

MAX: ... Nice try, Max.

That's all I have to buy for. I wanted to make some tarts and such for people, but I'm not sure if I'm going to have time. I kind of want to get Nick something for Christmas too, because he's away from his family and all, but I honestly have no idea what I would get for him. What do you get someone who's essentially a stranger, that's not as typical as a box of chocolates?

But I only have 9 days to accomplish all these feats, and I have a feeling that this is going to be with little help from Rachel and Peter. Rachel will tell me she doesn't the time or money to help me, and while Peter would probably be willing to help, he won't have the money. Sometimes, being the oldest is a terrible thing. You have to organize everything, and no one ever wants to help. I'm feeling pretty hopeless right now, actually, especially about Rachel. She is my sister and I do love her, but she is so incredibly selfish sometimes, it drives me insane. So, it might possibly be a $300+ Christmas this year. Hooray.

Just think positive! Think about the new house! Think about all the vegetables we're going to plant in our big ol' garden! Lettuce, garlic, rapini, green onions, squash, beans, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, pumpkins, and brussel sprouts! Think about how you're going to paint your room with misty blue stripes, and how you'll finally have your own kitchen, your own space!


  1. i wish i had a garden!
    i'm very happy for you dear. ^__^

  2. thank you! And yeah, I love having a garden. Just when everything starts poking up from the ground, it always reminds me of The Secret Garden xD
    You can see it when you come in the spring!