Friday, December 3, 2010

Take Five

The best days are the 3:30 days. Those are the days where I don't have to be at work until quite late in the afternoon. I always stay up late the night before, taking time to draw, write and muse. It's that precious time to myself that I so intensely desire.
I set several alarms for times much earlier than I need them. They allow me to wake up, but stay in bed, languishing in that space between consciousness and dreams. Images and thoughts make their way to the surface, warm and strange. It's hard to drag myself away from it.
Whenever I finally force myself away from the comforts of my quilt, I shower, I eat, I get dressed, but all at this slow, careful pace that is my favourite. Then at the last minute, I explode into this frenzy of rushing-out-the-door, and make my way to the bus stop.

These are certainly my favourite days.

Ugh, I never ended up writing anything for Videojug Pages, because I am a loser and the prospect of possible failure frightens me. Because I've convinced myself that I was never actually a writer, just a hack that spun the occasional decent yarn. I really wanted to write something too... But this is what happens when you're an anxiety-riddled nutcase, kidlets. You fuck yourself over time and time again.

So cheery!

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