Friday, February 12, 2010

A Live Coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Vancouver

"Welcome to the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games!"

This is going to be a long one, so bear with me.

I live in the most beautiful city in the whole world. They're showing a montage of all these amazing places in BC, and goddamn. I always knew I lived in an awesome place, but seeing it like this makes it look so freaking epic.

Oh cool! Now they're naming all the places where the Olympics have been since the 20s! Wow, this is cool, I didn't know that they did this.

"...1994, Lillehammer!
1998, Nagano!
2002, Salt Lake City!
2006, Torino!
2010, Vancouver!"

I got goosebumps. I'm such a fag, but I don't care. This is my city, and my country, and I am so proud and excited.

National Anthem! Who's singing it? Nikki Yanofsky. I wish they would just sing it the way it should be, without embellishing. Aw, and they just showed a clip of Canadian soldiers in Kandahar, all dressed up in Canadian jerseys. Poor buggers, so far away from home.
No, I am not tearing up as this girl sings our National anthem. I've just got something in my eye.

Now, the Four Host First Nations are coming on stage to welcome the world to their ancient lands: Lil'wat, Musqueam, Squamish, and Tseleil-Waututh. That's pretty cool that they're being involved. They have erected four huge totem poles with their arms raised in welcome to the world. One guy has an entire skinned wolf on. Then, they walk over to to what is made to look like a giant drum, and bang on it. As they do this, they're inviting all the Native peoples of Canada: The First Nations of the Northwest, the Metis Nation, the Inuit, the First Nations of the Prairies, and the First Nations of the East. That was so awesome, everyone was dressed in their costumes, and dancing.

Oh! Oh! Oh! the athletes are parading now! Greece leads the way in the parade, as is tradition, since they are the founders of the Olympics in 776 BC, I believe they said.
This is my favourite part. I really like seeing the outfits they everyone wears. This is going to take awhile.

Aw! Algeria has only one athelete! He's so cute, he can't be much older than me. Albania only has one athlete too. Man, they must love him back home.
Ooh, Austria looks nice. The men are all in navy blazers, and the women in purple blazers. Pretty daper.
Aw, what the hell? There's a commercial right now? You fuckers! What about the poor little countries who are being announced right now? What is this, Air Canada and Chevrolet?
Haha, the Bermuda athletes wore Bermuda shorts xD
Aw, the Cayman Islands are playing their first Games, and they only have one athlete, Dow Travers. He looks so nervous. Now there's Chile, only 3 ahtletes. I love these little countries! First winter games for Columbia too, with only one athlete, Cynthia Denzler.
China is next, and I bet all the Chinese people in Vancouver are stoked. Aw, they're waving Canadian flags and PRC flags.
Whoa, North Korea is here. I didn't think they would show up, for some reason.
Ethiopia has only one athlete!
"The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia". Wow. That is one long name for such a tiny county.
Haha, one of the athletes from France painted a moustache on his face using the french flag colours.
And now Georgia, wearing black arm bands. Poor little team, they lost one of their athletes today, a 21 year old luge athlete. So sad, this young man. He died within a couple hours of the Games starting, in Whistler. I can't remember is Georgia is staying to play the games. I hope they do, to honour the memory of their fallen athlete.
Ghana, another country with one athlete. Wow, Kwame, the athlete, is nicknamed "The Snow Leopard". That is bad ass.
Wtf?? Is Great Britain including Scotland? You assholes! Let Scotland march independently!
Ah, and of course Italy looks fantastic. They all have charcoal blazers on. So nice.
Jamaica, with only one athlete, Errol Kerr. He's got craaazy hair.
Wow, for Japan, Tomomi Okazaki is the first woman ever to lead her country into the ceremony.
Khazakstan had a guy decked out in cool costume carrying their flag.
Mongolia! The flag is being carried by a girl, because apparently Mongolia wants to encourage more women and girls to take pride in themselves and be involved.
Pakistan, with one athlete, is here for their first Olympic Games ever. And Peru, too, with only 3 athletes. Little Senegal only has one athlete as well.
Ooh, Slovenia looks very nice too. They're all wearing forest green blazers. Oh my, Slovenian men are rather handsome.
Whoa, small Switzerland has 146 athletes.
The Ukraine, the USA (with 216 athletes!), Uzbekistan, and finally...


Everybody's going nuts! The girl carrying the flag has the biggest smile on her face (I do too!). And damn, do we look good. Red parkas with a fur lined hood, black and red scarves and of course, toques. We are bad ass motherfuckers, and I am so proud to be Canadian right now. People all over the world right now are watching my country march in the stadium on their home turf, smiling big and looking dashing.

And now we have... Bryan Adams and Nelly Furtado? Why did I always think that Bryan Adams was an old man? "He'll never be an old man," my mom explains, "since all he wears are short sleeves and jeans." Huh. And Nelly Furtado, you sound silly. She just always sounds like she's whining when she sings. But great dress; a blue off the shoulder cocktail dress. The song is meh.

Now apparently is the "Cultural Component".

It consists of 4 parts. First, there was 'Hymn of the North'. People dressed in white traversed a snowy landscape as silver glitter flies. These are the people who came to Canada. Then, the ice splits (all of this was created by casting images onto the stadium floor) and the people are separated, as a pod of killer whales swims across the stadium floor. They even create the effect of the whales blowing water into the air as they breach the surface of the water.
'The Sacred Grove' is next, and it looks like a giant forest in the middle of the stadium. A Vancouver ballet troupe preformed beautifully prances through the green.
Next, I didn't catch the name, but they're paying tribute to fall in Canada. Fiddling and dancing. Oh, this is going to be so awesome, I love the fiddle. Their displaying the different fiddle styles from all over Canada. The dancing is great too! I think they just said there's a total of 80 fiddlers on the stage, and they'll be showcasing 6 fiddlers, all of whom are dressed so they look like celtic/faerie/punk hybrids. Oh man, now there's a tap dancing battle going on, for real. This is seriously the most epic thing I have ever seen. WHAT. They have like, sparklers on the ends of the fiddlers sticks and the bottoms of tap dancers shoes. Omg. Omg.
Then a preformance about the prairies, and now an 'electrical storm' is rolling in. Oh, they're showing the Rocky Mountains being born, as plates of rock push up against each other.

A slam poet is up next, Shane Koyczan, talking about what it is to be Canadian. It's called "We Are More". And this should be considered a second anthem for Canada, it was so amazing. My favourite line is: "WE are the True North strong and free. And whats more is we didn't just say it, we made it be."

And after two and a half hours, some VANOC officials say some fancy words to a restless crowd, and the Governor General, Michaelle Jean, opens the 21st Olympic Winter Games. So, is it Torch time yet? My god, tell me it's time for the Torch. What's this, soft piano music playing? No, now a lesbian (k.d. lang) serenades us with her beautiful rendition of "Hallelujah". Okay, this is very nice. But is it Torch time now?

Sigh, still no Torch. But, the Olympic flag is carried in by Betty Fox, Donald Sutherland, Jacques Vernieuw, Barabara Ann Scott, Ann Murray, Romeo Dallaire, Bobby Orr (holy shit!), and Julie Payette. And an opera sings delivers "The Olympic Hymn" and man, opera makes everything sound so epic. But is it Torch time yet?

Now, there is a one moment of standing silence in memory of slain Georgian athlete, Nodar Kumaritashvili...
Hayley Wickenheiser now takes the olympic oath on behalf of the Canadian athletes...

YES. YES, IT'S FINALLY TORCH TIME! Who is it? It's someone in a wheelchair. Oh man, it's Rick Hansen carrying it into the stadium! He's passing it to Catriona Lemay Doan. She passes it to Steve Nash! He passes it to Nancy Greene. She passes it to... Oh my god, yes. She passes it off the fucking Wayne Gretzky! Seriously hardcore.
Ahahaha, whoops, hydraulics fail. The cauldron that the flame is supposed to light up malfunctioned a little but. I was wondering why everyone was just standing around for so long. Damn, way to screw up at the last minute.

Aaaaand the ceremony is over. Wayne Gretzky is getting a police escort to go light the outside caulrdon at the waterfront, and he has like, hundreds of people running along side him, just freaking out. So epic, I almost wish it was there. But in typical Vancouver fashion, it's raining out, and I'm glad im home and warm and dry. The rest of my family is downtown though, and I wonder how they're faring. My sister went to go see the FREE Bedouin Soudclash concert, and my brother, dad and mom were there to just soak up the festivities and see the torch go by.

There you have it. The 2010 Olympic Winter Games are officially on, and in the spirit of camaraderie, I extend a 'good luck' to all of the countries participating...

...because Canada is totally going to kick everyone's ass.


  1. I just about cried reading this. I will never forget seeing these opening ceremonies and I will never forget the roaring pride I felt for my country and my AMAZING CITY as I watched them. I hope that pride never goes away, but I don't think you can possibly top that. I wish I could have run behind Gretzky and watched the lighting of the permanent torch, I would have treasured that moment forever.
    And the commercials are amazing. I don't know if you've seen the one tourism BC did, the "you've gotta be here" one, but we get it on nbc a lot here and I just love it.
    It makes me sad that not a lot of people here seem to be paying attention to the Olympics. But at least Vancouver's in the spotlight. Now everyone gets to see how awesome it is and why I'm so proud to be a Vancouverite!

  2. These are pretty epic times.
    You should see downtown, holy shit. Every night is just a massive party, I wish it could be like this every night.