Thursday, February 11, 2010

Olympic Torch Relay and Radiolab

Today, I went and saw the Olympic Torch Relay as it went past my old high school!

While I was standing around in the cold, 45 minutes early, I was less than excited, I must say. It's a bit of a miserable day, all grey and drippy; typical Vancouver winter weather. Then, people started coming from everywhere! Mostly from the high school: Killarney Secondary School has the largest number of students in Vancouver ( at least 2300 students). Everyone was lining the streets and wearing red (except for Max, but we agreed that the red of his heart and blood are Canadian enough). Macey and Mom came along for the ride too, although Macey wasn't too enthused (she made some dog friends though!)

I had to stand a bench to actually see, my Mom and I shared a bench with some thugs that used to go to Killarney too. They were really nice actually, and loved Macey. It was more parade-ish than I thought it would be. There were two big Coca Cola platforms, with dancing people and music, and then an RBC moving platform with some scene dancers. Max looked into one of the guy's eyes and saw nothing but an empty vessle, as he'd sold his soul long ago.

And suddenly! "I see a flame!" One thug kid, Kyle, hopped down from the bench and sprinted to the front of the crowd with camera phone in hand. It was actually really exciting, I have to say. Then we saw the torchbearer (I believe his name was Paul, because we saw people holding signs saying "You make us proud, Paul!") light another torchbearers, er, torch, and then she took off running! The actual torch sighting lasted maybe 5 minutes, but it was super cool.

Like, this was a once in a lifetime chance for everyone there. I am never going to see an Olympic torch relay again; the Olympics will never be in Vancouver again, at least not in my lifetime. And to all you Olympic naysayers, I just want to say: Take a seat. Just sit back, and fucking enjoy what's going on. Right now, the entire world is looking at us! I can remember when (on forums and such) no one even knew where Vancouver, BC was. Hell, no one knew where Britich Columbia was. My uncle tried wiring money from Utah to BC, and they sent it to Columbia, their honest reason being that they thought that 'British Columbia' was some kind of English faction of Columbia. Huh.

Let's just stop yelling and being a bitch for once, all you hippies, and sit back and be proud of our city.

Also! Radiolab!

What? You have never heard of WNYC's Radiolab? Shame on you!

Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, aside from having the best radio-voices ever, host Radiolab, and always manage to talk about the most awesome things. Stochasticity, parasites, animal minds, numbers, the afterlife, laughter, blinking, etc. I have heard such amazing stories from them, and am constantly downloading new shows and listening in. I really recommend giving them a try and listening in.

In other news, I have gravely injured my left shoulder. How? Who knows. All I know is that it hurts like a MOTHERFUCKEROMGFUCK whenever I pull on a shirt/jacket, lean on it, lift it, move it in any way or form. Will I ever go to a doctor, or at least a massage therapist? Probably not, although this seems to be one of the things you go see a doctor about. Hm...

So please, wish me a speedy recovery and less pigheadedness!

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