Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anniversaries and Other Things

Today, kidlets, is my 4 year anniversary with the most wonderful human being to be gifted to Earth. I know I joke around a lot, but I'm being serious here. I'm not so good with spoken words, so I don't think I get around to saying this as often as I should, but Max, you are without a doubt the best thing in my life.

Today (and yesterday!) were really nice. This anniversary kind of slowly unfolded over the two days, which was fun. Yesterday we went to Earl's, where we always seem to get the most earnest waiters. I got two classics: My favourite Mixed Greens Salad, that has feta, candied pecans, julienned Granny Smith apple, apple cider vinegar and, er, mixed greens. Then I had this prawn and scallop spaghetti dish (standard me) which consisted of the afore mentioned ingredients, a cream sauce, wilted arugula, pine nuts, and cherry tomatoes. I actually like the cherry tomatoes. They pop in your mouth.

Max had to go to school this morning, which sucked since we'd stayed up way too late the night before, but I got to stay home and sleep in. I slept for so long, it was magic. We had dinner at a small place on Main St called Cipriano's, and then went for dessert (where else?) Sweet Revenge. Max joked about bringing a bunch of his friends there one night, and polo shirts with the collars popped and talking about typical douchebag stuff. Don't you dare, I said. This place is my temple. It kind of is, haha. I am instantly transported to my quiet place. A quiet place full of tea and crème brûlées. Mmm.

So Max was trying to make me feel good about myself tonight, by telling me some stuff or other about how I'm smarter than him, and talented to boot. I don't know if I believe him, you guys. Could it be true? Could I actually be a smart and talented individual?

Nah, that doesn't sound like me.

I'm slowly going to piece together what I want to do. Max said I should email a few of my favourite webcomic artists and ask for some pro-tips. I might do just that, but what would I say! It'd be like, bumping into a personal idol of yours on the street. Okay, not quite like that, but you get what I'm saying. I'd get all stupid and end up sounding like a big nerd. Like I need more of that.

Quick question: Who would you not be able to function around if you met them? For me, it would be a couple of my favourite artists and writers (Lucy Knisely, Kate Beaton, Christopher Moore, Clive Barker, Tom Siddell, and a host of others), and, yes, Patrick Stump and Peter Wentz. Not to offend Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley, the other members of what was Fall Out Boy, but I was just bigger fans of the first two because Wentz was a writer, and Stump was a musician. And them's is the breaks. But in all seriousness, I would die a million deaths if I met these people. I almost hope that I never meet them, because I will forever be known as this retard that couldn't form a proper sentence and then fell over. Or cried. Yeah, there would definitely be crying.

So I'm experiencing these weird, stuff wrists right now, and it's making typing extremely difficult. I think it's because it's cold in here, and I inexplicably have to body of an old person, so cold makes me seize up. But you know what, if you watch closely, you might see a new Lisa emerging over the next little while. I'm going to make myself get better. At... everything. Goodnight.

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