Friday, January 28, 2011

Broken Record

So I found this website called Atheist Media Blog. I was hoping there would be some interesting links and articles, so I poked around. I did find one fabulous video about a guy name Daniel Dennett discussing "What Should Replace Religions" at the Humanist Canada Convention in Montreal in October. I was very pleased that it wasn't one asshole just shouting about religion is bad and this is why we don't need it, but rather an enlightened talk about what the world is going to need once religion dies out. One of the interesting talked about the good things that religion has contributed to the world (art, music, moral teamwork, and hope, to name a few). He also said something that I quite liked:

"Religion changed more in the last hundred years than it did in the previous thousand years, and it's probably going to change more in the next twenty years than it changed in the last hundred years. So let's think about what we want to do to preserve what's worth preserving and to help usher off as gracefully as possible those aspects that we would really like to see go away." -Daniel Dennett
People typically think that what is "now" is going to be forever. Not the case. The world changes so quickly that it's astonishing. Religion has been around for a long, long time, but I don't think it's reasonable to think that it will be around forever. In another form, maybe, but definitely not the way we know it. And that's not going to be a bad thing.

I know there are many, many atheists out there would love nothing more than to see all forms of religion abolished. I don't know what I think about that. I agree with Dennett, that there are many good things that we owe to religion. I would not be saddened, however, if it were gone, but only because of all the bad things that come with it. While there are many good, kind-hearted people out there who love God and love their faiths, there are their awful counterparts. There are people who pose with their Bibles in hand but are bad, bad people.

Of course, there will always be bad people. Nothing will change that.

Anyway, back to that Atheist Media Blog website. I haven't looked around too much yet, but I did make my way onto a different blog that had a link in it for ANOTHER website called Atheist Nexus. Naturally, I signed up. This seemed a little much though:

"Atheist Nexus is a community for nontheists ONLY! This is NOT a site to convert others or debate the existence of god(s). There are plenty of other sites to do this. Violators will be banned instantly and permanently."
To which I had to reply "Yes, I am a nontheist" in order to be allowed to be a member. I don't know, I get that atheists want to have their own secret clubhouse, complete with a "NO RELIGIOUS ZOMBIES" sign posted out front, but we can't even have a discussion on the existence of a god? I'm not saying I want people to pop in and tell us we're wrong for believing what we believe, but that above statement seems strong.

I'm hoping the people on the website aren't just going to rage about God and Jesus and how-wrong-religion-is the whole time. I'm looking for a place to have thoughtful discussions about things like what Dennet was talking about. The real question, however, is will I be too shy to actually participate in any discussions? And the answer is yes. Yes I will.

Frack, would you look at that. Another post talking about atheism? Get off your high horse, Lisa! Nobody cares! Talk about things like how you're worried you're going to have to move out of your lovely new house!

The fellow that is living with us (my dad's friend's son) is thinking about going back to Ontario. If he does, we are fucked. The two of us can't afford the rent for this place. I'm already barely making rent as it is. And I'm worried that my dad is going to get fed up with the effort it's taking to get this house all fixed up. I love it in this house so much, I don't want to leave! Things are just starting to come together! I know we could find another person to room with us if Nick does leave, and I'm fairly confident that my dad loves this house too. I don't know if he would like having some stranger living with us though. I'll admit, I'm not a fan of the idea either. Maybe if I could just get more hours at work... Maybe I could get a second job?

But I realized last night that we're hooped no matter what. If I do eventually get into this IDEA program at Capilano University, I may have to quit my job, as this program is full-time. What are we going to do? My dad can't do $1800 a month on his home. Max, my voice of reason, was trying to calm me down last night. He said I could take out student loans and use those to help pay for the rent. While I do agree, I'm a little depressed at the thought of having only student loans to rely on. I like working, no matter how much I complain. I like making my own money. But I do really want to do this program... It's like, as soon as I resolved one worry (where I want to go in life), another one presents itself (money). Fuck.

PS. I found a crow's skull today! Well, I found it yesterday, and I went and got it today. I wonder what's the best way to clean it? It looks pretty gnarly right now. Oh, AND I opened up a Savings account today. Whee!

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