Saturday, January 22, 2011

Comments! Tablet! Hungry!

Let this past week be known as the Week of Comments! Well, it actually wasn't a week-long thing, just the 19th to today. But it was so nice! I loved the comments on the most recent one after this. And there were even comments from someone I didn't know on Skip The Review! "I love the attitude. You gave me such a vibe!" Thanks, moshes! It was very unprecedented but pleasant. Morale? At an all time high!

So today I used a tablet, and it actually went better than expected. I was not really keen on giving it a go, because the first time I used one it went rather poorly and I was very discouraged. But I drew a halfway decent one today, and now I'm going to get one! A tablet, that is. I'm going to use the money from my cancelled Italian class to go and get it. The one Tanis has is a Bamboo Fun, and I liked it a lot. Maybe I'll start drawing more! I hope I get better with the stupid thing though.

Honestly? Not much to say today. I am so starving right now my stomach actually hurts, and I'm tired, tired, tired. BUT my kitchen is painted and the floor is done. Now I just have to get started on my stupid room...

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