Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old Words and To Do's

I just found a treasure! I was looking for some of my college English notebooks, to help Max figure out how to write a thesis for an essay, and I found my old Creative Writing notebook from Grade 12. It's full of some pretty great writing exercises that I should try out, too.

Most of the stories aren't that bad either, though I didn't remember anything about them as I was reading them. Also, some silly poems I wrote as a teenager:

She Misses His Kisses

My lips have been cut by your words and your kisses;
Now I'm counting the score, all our hits and your misses.
How long have I suffered? How long have I dreamt
Of the old times, the good times
When you'd whisper and tempt?

Ohhh dear, Teenage Lisa. What's the matter with you? Actually, I've always liked that poem. I wanted to polish it up a bit, but I want to always be able to admire it in it's natural state. Note: please do not judge my writing abilities by these old examples. I have gotten much better.

I was just lamenting the fact that I don't write half as much as I used to, but hell, why can't I? I SHOULD write more, just for the heck of it. Maybe I'll even publish something one day.

Haha, oh dear, read this:

Fingers Crossed

I am wishful thinking
fingers crossed
all the lyrics you ever forgot
the final attempt
last chance, hold you breath
cross your heart, hope to death
Jesus. Emo attack or what? Naw, I still like this one too. I don't think I was trying to be particularly emo with this one, actually. I just liked the combination of the words.

In my last post, I was going to write a list of things that I want to accomplish in my life. This list does not have a time-limit on it.

  • publish something, be it short story, graphic novel or poem
  • learn at least 2 more musical instruments
  • sing in front of an audience
  • play in a band with my trombone again
  • participate in a poetry slam
  • lose at least 20lbs
  • more tattoos!
Hm, that's all for now, but worthy goals. I didn't want to include anything over the top like "learn a Latin!" or "travel the whole world!" because I wanted this to be an list of easily obtainable goals that won't make me hate myself if I don't complete them. Actually, I will still hate my self if I don't finish this list. Wait, shit, I already hate myself.

Oh dear.

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