Monday, February 28, 2011

Everything From Wedding Dresses to Vintage Erotica

I'm a horrible blogger. It's been a week since my update. I don't know, life is feeling pretty mediocre right now, and I'm wondering why I'm keeping up with these posts anyone. I'm tired of having no one read them.

The highlights of this week have been going out to Chilliwack to help plan Amanda's wedding. We went dress shopping, and she actually managed to pick her dress out. I think she rushed it just a little bit. There are plenty more dress shops in the world. But she does only have 5 months to get this shit done. She ended up coming away with a dress that was not at all the style I thought she was going to go for. It looks good on her though, very flattering. My ideal wedding dress would be much more... poofy. Like typical princess dress. Not like hoopskirt big, just kind of puffy and pretty.

Now I just need to find a bridesmaid dress for myself, in the colours of robin's egg blue and gold, which I think is a totally cute combination. But I'm torn: do I start looking for this dress now, or after I've lost some weight? Because I need to lose weight for this wedding. I refuse to look this hefty in my best friend's wedding pictures. I've been boxing!

And now I'm attempting to draw some turn of the century erotica. I really love this old stuff. Mostly what I think is nice about it is that the girls in the photos are always smiling, or have this kind of wistful look on their face. Modern pornography has such a harsh feel to it, and no one ever looks like they're having any fun. Sex and sex-related things are supposed to be fun! Otherwise why would we do it? Also, I like the body-types of the earlier girls, probably because they're a little closer to my own shape. They look voluptuous, and much healthier to boot.

So preeeeetty

I tried drawing one of the pictures, but I got really frustrated and upset, so I moved on to another one. I'm kind of pleased with it, but I'm lamenting the fact that I can't draw open mouthed smiles. More specifically, I can't draw teeth. I don't know why. I just always end up making them look ugly. Most discouraging.

I don't understand why drawing is so difficult. If you're drawing an image from another picture, it should just be as simple as seeing a line, copying that line and hey presto. But for some reason, it isn't, and there are things that will always elude me: teeth, feet, fingers (although I've gotten much better at them) and depth. I guess that's what class will be for.

Speaking of class, I got an email from the registrars office a week and a half ago saying that they did receive my application to the Fine Arts program, but I was missing some important documents. So, I headed on over to my Langara student account to see what was up. Under missing documents it first said "English Proficiency Req. Mandatory. Received Feb 17th, 2011." Okay, so that was in and dealt with on the day I handed in my application. Then it said "Fine arts Info Session. Mandatory. _____________." Apparently I am missing this, which is funny since I totally went to the info session on Feb 2nd, as you all may remember from my frantic post about it. So what the fuck.

I hate dealing with the registrar's office because they are sooooo slow with responding. I promptly emailed them back, and that was 11 days ago and STILL no reply. Like, I understand you're busy and all, but just answer your fucking emails.

I just want to give up on everything and go traveling with Max.


  1. I know this is old but if it makes you feel better, my co-op advisor is stupid at e-mails too, and he has an iPhone. And I walk by his office every day to try to get a hold of him and he's never there. He has no excuse not to answer, he just doesn't. I get snippy =P Unfortunately you can't do that with the registrar office == I hope this worked out (I'll probably see the next post that says it does =P)