Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Requiescat In Pace

One of my favourite authors died on the 5th (which, coincidentally, was the date of my last post. I feel bad now). Brian Jacques wrote this amazing series called Redwall, that had a total of 22 books in it. I was in love with the series through grades 6 and 7, when I read them obsessively. I think they're one of the reasons I have such a vast, healthy imagination today. My mum read them just as much as I did, too. I can't remember if I was the one who introduced them to her, or vice versa. Point is, it's an amazing series that everyone should give a chance. Also, according to Wikipedia, there are at least 5 books that came out since I stopped reading the series. Time to head over to the ol' Burnaby Public Library and get a library card.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Want to hear the best shit ever?

So, I just got a phone call from my mum. Like, I literally got off the phone with her 5 minutes ago. She called, and said "Lisa, I have a cheque here for you from the government." I'd been waiting for my Tax Return for awhile, and was getting a little worried about it. When I'd sat down with my mum a couple of months ago and did my taxes, we'd calculated that I would be getting a lot back. She told me not to get too excited though, because sometimes for blah blah blah reasons, people didn't get the full amount calculated. I didn't really care, because any money is good money. But tonight, she said "Are you sitting down?"

So, guess how much the Government of Canada is bequeathing me with?


I literally couldn't even speak. We'd calculated about that much, and I was hoping, hoping that I would be getting that amount back. I didn't quite. They took off about $2 in interest because I'd sent them in late. But just... oh my god. 2 hours ago, I was upset because I needed a new pair of shoes, and some new bras, but I knew I could only afford one or the other this month. It's just so funny. I need to take two Art History classes this summer, which was going to amount to about $900 after textbooks, so I was going to work like mad to make the money for them. I'm still going to work like mad, but I just feel like such a load has been taken off my mind. I can pay for these summer classes no problem. I also get my paycheque from work tomorrow, which I'm estimating to be well over $600. So tomorrow after work, I am taking that cheque, going to my mum's house and grabbing the other cheque, going to the bank by my house and depositing around $1500 into my Savings.

I know it's considered crass to talk about money, but fuck it. This is the fucking best news. Now, all I have to do is win the lottery...

Ah, I forgot about poor old Brian Jacques in all my excitement. I think I am going to task myself with re-reading the entire series, in his memory. Haha, my favourite part about those stories was that every one included this amazingly detailed feast, that I would seriously drool over. There ain't no feast like a Redwall feast, bitches.

Requiescat in pace, Brian Jacques.

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  1. WOW. that's alot of moneies!!!!

    Brian Jacques was a definite figure in my childhood/present day. somedays, you need to travel to a place where there are talking mice and chivalry.