Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wedding Planning

Amanda's getting married, Amanda's getting married!

My best friend from high school, got engaged on the 16th, which is actually her birthday. She texted me this information, and I was just so floored I didn't even know what to think. But that was quickly overcome by my insane excitement. Best part? I'm the Maid of Honour! I keep having to pinch myself to remind me that this is actually happening, because it just seems too fun to be real. Boy, I can only imagine how Amanda is feeling.

There's a lot of stuff to plan though. When I told Karina that I was the Maid of Honour, she laughed and said "Good luck. Being Maid of Honour sucks. You have to plan so much stuff." I am a little apprehensive about that, but if anything, I'm a great planner. My high-anxiety levels actually help me here, because they make sure that I get shit done. I'm actually going to be heading out to Chilliwack on Thursday to meet up with Amanda, shriek in girlish excitement for a bit, and then sit down and do some serious planning. I think I'm going to be heading out there at least once a month to get things in order. The wedding is going to be in July, so that only gives us 5 and a half months.

For instance, the things on the list that we need to think about are colours, guest list, flowers, invitations, decorations, dress, reception, venue, food, and hair + makeup. I'll just talk about a few things.

COLOUR: I am totally a fan of the green/coral combination, especially for summer weddings. They just look so fresh and lovely. But I also like royal blue/yellow, lavender/silver, bright pink/green, and pink/grey.

FLOWERS: We both already decided that we like peonies, but I also think Lisianthus and Stephanotis flowers are pretty. Traditional lilies and roses are always good too, but I feel that something so traditional is not what the wedding needs.

INVITATIONS: style and wording. I love it when wedding invitation say things like

Mr and Mrs John Smith
request the pleasure of your company
at the wedding of their daughter
Jenny Marie
Tom Thompson
on Saturday the nineteenth of July
two thousand and eleven
at half past one o'clock
at the chapel down the street
Chilliwack, British Columbia

because that just sounds nice. Also, my mum said that the classy thing to do is to address and stamp the RSVP envelops for them, so all they have to do is pop their reply in the mail.

DRESS: The most important part. We already looked at some really cute ones online. We'll look at the dress shop in town on the Thursday that I'm there, but I also suggested that she could just buy one online, because it is much cheaper that way, and then have it altered. The only problem with that though is that you can't try the dress on before you get it. But she wants a short, simple wedding dress, strapless or with broad straps.

FOOD: The most important part. The one thing that everyone goes to weddings for. The type of food all depends on the time of day though. If they have a morning wedding, then the food can be lunch-style, with soups, salads and finger foods. If it's an afternoon wedding, then you need dinner food. I think a nice lunch menu would be better, because one 1) lunch type food is always cheaper, and 2) it's lighter, so you won't feel all gross and stuffed.

It's a lot to think about. I'm going to ask for the whole wedding week off, too, because I think I'll need to be around to help get things in order.

I know I'm just going to cry like a big old baby at the ceremony, haha.

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