Friday, April 16, 2010

Existentialism, Obituaries and Clubbing

I get creeped out so bad when I see pictures of recently dead people. It's like seeing a ghost. There's a group that a friend of mine just joined on Facebook, 'RIP Shelby Nicole Hamilton'. Out of morbid curiousity, I decided to browse it. There was a photo gallery, and I wish I hadn't looked. Not that there was anything wrong with the pictures. They were just happy and silly, a young girl fooling around with her friends. But that almost made it worse. It really is like seeing a ghost, like she was still alive or something. Which brings me to this existentialist question:

Does death really exist in modern society?

When people died in the past, that was it. You basically never saw their face again. There wasn't a whole lot of picture taking back then, unless you were well off, so once they were gone, it was goodbye forever. But these days, with digital cameras, camcorders and microphones, you can stick around for a long, long time. Like commercials with Billy Mays, or Brittany Murphy movies, or music by Michael Jackson. It's like they're talking to you from beyond the grave, and it seriously weirds me out. Uptown Girls was on the other day, and KI kept forgetting that Murphy was dead. I'd laugh at something she was doing, and then (re)realized, "Oh god, she's dead." I have to change the channel when a Billy Mays commercial comes on, no joke. It really is like seeing a ghost.

But on the other hand, I enjoy reading obituaries of the recently deceased. I just like the stories, really. The long ones are the best. Names of their family, where they lived, what they did, what they were like. There was a lady today who was born in 1918! My god, that was almost 100 years ago. Can you even imagine being that old? One day, someone's going to be reading my obituary and say "Holy shit, 1990? That was so, so long ago." And it will be so, so long ago, because I am going to live to be 110. Why? Merely because I want to live to see a new century. Wouldn't that be awesome? I want to be so old, that I'm like, one of the only people that remembers owning and iPod or something.

Here's a fun idea, kids! Let's write our own obituaries! I'll share mine:

Lisa Recchia
June 29th, 1990 - (???), 2100

Born during the style-challenged era known as the "90s", Lisa
was born in Etobicoke, Ontario, and later forsook the East for Vancouver,
for the mountains and ocean, that were all eventually named after her.
As a young woman, she enjoyed the Internet, moving in time to music, and
reading the obituaries of others. She always wanted to the others like her to
know that they are not alone. It is okay to take solace in the stories of the
dead. Lisa enjoyed a fruitful life of adventure, money, and handsome men
from foreign lands, sometimes named Julio. Eventually becoming the most
famous writer in the entire world, she lived by the pen, and died by the
sword. Literally. It was in her final duel with her longtime nemesis, Sven
Orggeson, that she met with Fate, and was stabbed over 100 times before
having her heart cut out and eaten, so Orggeson could gain her powers.
The end.

I am going to put it in my will, that this has to be my obituary, no matter what. I want this to be run in every newspaper of the time, for a solid week. Now, write your own obituary and post it in the comments! Not that anybody ever comments! Even though I've asked very politely! You fuckers!

So, I am going clubbing for the first, and possibly the last, time in my life tomorrow evening. The place: Republic. I'm all anxious about it too. It's like a party, only 10 times worse. Why? There's dancing. I always used to think I was a decent dancer. And then I'm not sure what happened. I got fat(ter), or possibly just saw a recording of myself dancing. Fuuucccckkkk. So now my confidence is shot. I'll have to make up for it with a great outfit, which I thankfully have. I'm probably only going to stick around for an hour though before heading over to Max's for the night. Some cool people from work are going to be there, like Andrew, Zaffy, Shaarah, Ashley and I can't remember who else, so that should be okay.

Anyway, peace out for now. Got an early shift tomorrow, and I have to get enough sleep so I can wake up with enough time to straighten my hair. How exciting.

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  1. I wrote my own obituary once; it was an assignment for Creative Writing last year, but I don't know where it is or if I still have it, otherwise I would post it.