Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recipes and New Ideas


As I sit here drinking homemade lemonade, hands stained red with strawberry juice from the chocolate-strawberry birthday cake I just made for my brother, and eating delicious curry vermicelli, I can't help but think about food.

Today I watched like, a million cooking shows, including French Food at Home, Chef at Home, Ricardo and Friends, and Everyday Exotic, and the recipes I managed to collect today are seriously GOLDEN. Pineapple salsa! Salmon wrapped in prosciutto! Lamb meatballs with mint yogurt sauce! Lobster in cognac sauce with blanched vegetables! Homemade strawberry ice cream! My destiny is clear to me now: I must have a dinner party.

I've been wanting to do one for so long, and now not only do I have the perfect recipes in mind, but I also have the most perfect dress that I bought just the other day, for maximum hostess power. And I was going to find a picture of it on the Forever 21 website, but I bought it on sale for like, $24 off it's regular price (it was originally $34.99, but I got it for $10.99!). It's a perfect little navy blue thing.

Watching Sherlock Holmes again, and I have to say, it is one of my new favourite movies. Partly because I love that they portrayed Watson the way he was supposed to be, the music, the costumes and the mystery, but mostly because of Robert Downey Jr. Seriously the coolest Sherlock Holmes ever. I could watch this movie every day. I even like Lord Blackwood, despite being the bad guy. And it's great that they kind of had Mortiarty in it, hinting at a sequel.

Ooh, and I have some interesting news. I finally have an idea that I like, and I want to make a webcomic, for real this time. I won't say what it's about right now, because you're obviously all out to steal my ideas. And I don't want to get anyone's hopes up in case I don't actually do it, which happens around me a lot. There are many things I said I'd do, and then never got around to doing. Yuuup.
Also, there's a lot of technical stuff I have to think about. Setting up a website? Uploading stuff? Selling ad space? How the fuck do I do all of that? Thankfully I know some brilliant computer people (which is just Max for now) who should help me get this off the ground. I think it could be really cool. And I've always, always wanted a comic to call my own.

So, I'll try getting regular updates to happen again! Right now I'm sketching and writing and dreaming up more ideas, so let's see what I can make of things...

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