Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kaki King and Webcomics(?)

I don't think I've ever really talked about Kaki King on here before. Let's start now.

Kaki King is, without a doubt, the coolest musician I've ever had to pleasure to listen to. Words that come to mind are 'affecting', 'stirring' and 'breathtaking'. It's hard to properly describe how I feel about this music. I feel like I can only express my passion for it through movement, not words. Like, I feel like I have to dance when I hear it. Or sway, or tap my feet, or move my hands, shoulders, head, hips. This isn't music to sit still to. It requires movement. Kaki King is a musical goddess. It was by happy accident that I discovered her. Just some video on Youtube that was on "Videos Being Watched Now". It was Playing With Pink Noise. I was practically spellbound watching her manipulate those guitar strings. I thought she was just some Youtube phenomenom, but after a search on Limewire, I discovered I was pleasantly mistaken. Fast forward (two years?) and now I'm addicted. Yesss. And finally, I'm putting some of this music on my home computer, which is the one I sync my iPod with, so I can listen to Kaki King in such cool places as the bus! Yeah!

Okay, end gushing.

Drawing is hard. Not hard in the sense that I'm not good at it. I'm pretty decent, if I don't say so myself. But keeping up with it? Constantly drawing new expressions, poses... Needless to say, it's a challenge for someone with an attention span as short as mine. And an Internet addiction as serious as mine. It's difficult to focus.
But I really, really want to get this webcomic dream off the ground. I love webcomics so much, and I've wanted to do my own for awhile now. I would probably only be able to update once a week, but there are other things worrying me. Mostly the technical stuff. I seriously don't know anything about computers. In grade 5, we were given the project of designing our own webpage, basically an 'About Me' page. Keep in mind this was 2000, so computers were still pretty ghetto. And I failed it. One of the reasons being that I didn't have a computer in my house yet (and wouldn't, until 2004) so I had no time to work on it, and another being I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. Seriously, everyone else got like, 100%, and I just never submitted mine, because I had no idea how to do anything. They talked about coding, and all that html bullshit, but I was completely in the dark. I remember getting really frustrated, because if everyone else could do it, it must be simple. But I just couldn't get it.

Soooo, just an old fear of failure coming back to haunt me.Thankfully I know some intelligent people who will (hopefully) help me. And, and! I'm going to buy a scanner with my next paycheque! Super excited about this! Now I can finally submit things to deviantart! Whooo.

Just had a Jones Soda, and the fortune under the bottle cap said "The project you have in mind now gains momentum." Score!

PS. Already thinking of Halloween costumes. I want to go for something Internet meme related. A lolcat?

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  1. Html's really easy once you start learning it; I had to make some webpages for my sci-fi lit class. You can search for html tutorials online, and there are several that can help you get started. Seriously, it's really easy, and I think it's fun. I get kind of addicted to it when I'm working on something, lol. Heyyy... summer project for me... I should do another web page! I do not, however, know how to actually get them on to the Internet : /