Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthdays, Limos and The Blarney Stone

Okay, so I typically despise women that complain about, well, being a woman, and periods and such, so in silent protest, I rarely talk or complain or get all bitchy about it. But this, ladies and gentleman, is an exception. I feel like dying. All day at work I was either going to pass out, fall over from being dizzy or puke. I have never felt so terrible on my period before. And to make matters worse, it was HOT today. That muggy, in-your-face Vancouver heat. I just felt sticky and sweaty and sick all day.

Saw Heather, and then we went shopping in the lovely, air conditioned Value Village, where I bought one top that is super adorable, walked home, and then took a fucking 3 hour nap. I woke up at 9:30, and you know what? I could probably still sleep for another 8 hours. Seriously, I feel awful.

As nothing of interest has happened.... WAIT! Something did happen! Chiara's birthday!

It was soooo much fun. First, we had dinner in the most pretentious-looking Cactus Club I have ever been in. There was like, brocade wallpaper, elaborate chandeliers and huge portraits of people like Napoleon on the walls. The food was good, and the people were all great. There was the birthday girl, Chiara, and then Eniko, Brianna, Carla, Matt and Maria. Karina was supposed to come to, but she forgot about it apparently.
After dinner, we drove around in a limo for an hour. I'd actually never been in one, and it was really fun. Everyone (except Matt, Maria and myself) got fairly drunk, and screamed out the window at people, which was highly amusing. At one point, all the girls insisted the driver stop so they could go to the bathroom, so it was just me and Matt in the limo. We immediately changed the radio station to... well, anything would have been okay, it was terrible music. Matt just hit the preset button, and it was some French station, that had actually really cool music. Then, we talked about books. The only thing I know how to talk about. I love meeting someone else who loves books as much as I do. He's also read one of my favourites, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera, and also suggested I read one of Kundera's other books called... Immortality, I think. Now I can't remember.
And then, ladies and gentlemen, I went to a pub for the first time in my adult life, The Blarney Stone. It was so, so, so much fun. It was loud, and the music was good, and I had a surprisingly good time. Cerina showed up too, so I hung around with her a lot. There was this drunk English guy named Simon, who was just soooo fucking sloshed, it was actually kind of gross. He told us in his English accent/drunkeness that he had been drinking since 9 am that morning, because of the England vs. USA game.
I had to leave early, but I promised everyone I would come back with them next time and actually dance (and drink??)

And I stole a survey that Heather had done on her blog, so I'll just post it in a new, er, post.

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