Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pretty Clothes and Memento Mori's

Different! The blog is different now! Thanks, Blogspot, for updating your templates. This is ver, ver pretty.

Threw more money at my addiction today. Goddamn you, Forever 21! Stop making the fucking cutest things ever! And yet again, I cannot find any pictures on their website. Anyway, I can assure they're both very cute.

But now I have a bigger problem. What the fuck am I going to wear to Chiara's birthday party?!
No, this is very important. Always dress to impress. I've got two great choices:

One is a grey/blue tank top, with dark blue, grey and the same grey/blue coloured chiffon ruffles around the top. It goes to about mid-thigh, and was going to wear with it black leggings and black sandals. Hair down, pearl choker necklace.
The other option is nude coloured tank top with a black, decorated collar of black patterned silk, black sheer material and black beading. Then it has like, two long grey ribbons coming off the collar, that you tie around your neck. I was going to couple it with a high-waisted silky greys skirt with a black elastic band around the top, and the same black sandals. Hair in a high ponytail.


Well, I don't think any of you will get back to me before I need to figure it out anyway, which is in 24 hours. Ohhhh well.

In other news, want to see some seriously creepy shit? These photos are called 'memento mori's, which means "Remember you must die." Another weird thing they used to do back in the day, but I find these pictures more sad than creepy. Especially the ones of the little kids, and there are a lot of those, unfortunately. In that link, I think the 6th one is the saddest. The little girls look like twins, and they gave the dead one a doll. Also, it's kind of fucked that they had the siblings of the dead kid pose with them. Life scarring much?
People still do things like these though. I'm fairly sure one of my aunts has a photo of my nonna in her coffin. My mother took the less morbid road, and has a picture of her parents headstones in her room somewhere. I remember I was there when she took it. Now, I don't think I would take pictures of any dead bodies, but I can understand having a picture of the headstones. I'd probably take one of my parents in the (very distant) future. I guess it's the European in me. They do crazy things like that.

Since we're already on the topic of weird postmortem traditions, let's talk about cremation. I was just watching The Edge of Darkness with my dad the other day, which was actually a pretty good movie. However, there's this one scene where Mel Gibson holds his daughters ashes in her hands, and it creeped me out so bad.
When you're buried, okay, you're dead, but your body's still around, so technically you still exist. But when you're cremated, that's it. You've been erased from the face of the Earth completely, forever. And that just seems so bizarre and kind of scary to me.

I've always had this weird preoccupation with death, ever since I first realized my own mortality at about 12 years old. At that age, I just couldn't fathom the idea of not existing, and the absence of consciousness. It was just a very weird thought. I still think about it.

My, what a cheery post! Compliments the new profile layout, dontcha think?

Question: How old were you when you first realized your own mortality?

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