Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Busy, Busy Day

Blaaaargh. I am a lazy, terrible blogger.

It's been like, a week since I've updated, but nothing interesting has happened! I keep wanting to write more, but I just wake up, go to work, etc.

Well, actually...

On Sunday, it was pretty normal. Woke up from staying over at Max's house, went to work together, worked a nice 1:30 to 7:30 shift. Dad picked me up, we went on a shopping spree at Superstore, and when I finally got home, I wearily collapsed in front of my computer, trying to rub the sleep away from my face. I touched the left side of my nose and thought "That's funny! I thought my nose piercing was on this side!" Upon inspecting the other side of my nose, I found it wasn't there either!

The fucking stud had fallen out.

Yup. It was just gone. Hell, I think it was gone all day and I just never noticed. Before, I'd woken up with the stud just kind of hanging out, so it was probably lost while I was sleeping. And I'm just so used to it, I wouldn't have noticed when I looked in the mirror that morning. No one else noticed either.

So I panicked, and tried to make a nose ring out of an old earring to keep the hole open, so I wouldn't have to get it totally re-pierced. I kept it in all night and for part of the next day, but took it out at work because 1) it looked fucking stupid, and 2) I was paranoid about it getting infected.

So, after a 6 hour shift that absolutely killed my feet, I walked a couple blocks to the bank and deposited a nice $600 cheque. Then I walked from there to Nanaimo Station (not a small distance) to catch the skytrain downtown, to head over to Adrenaline to get a new nose stud. On the way, I noticed that my iPod was spazzing out. It would be playing just fine, and then pause on it's own. When I pressed any button, or took the hold off, for a split second it made a horrible sound like someone punching a guitar, and then began playing again from where it left off. This happened a few times. (I'm happy to say that it seems to be back to normal now).

So, got on the skytrain, and was eyed by some really creepy brown guys the whole time. It didn't help that I was wearing the most padded bra I own (actually, the only padded bra I own, lol) or that my dress had a bit of a V-neck style plunge to it, OR that my tits are huge. So we both got off at Granville, and the walked in front of me and kept looking over their shoulders and giving me the sleaziest looks. I started making faces like this at them


Haha, that's pretty much right. Just like, scowl/sneer/what-the-FUCK-do-you-think-you're-looking-at looks. They eventually left me alone. But then later, as I was waiting at the bus stop to go back to Famous Foods, this equally creepy brown guy was literally hanging out of the window of his car, leering at me with this creepy smile. Seriously? Learn how to pick up women, fags.

Anyway. Downtown.

It was hot. The first really hot day of the year, I think. Didn't help that I was wearing thick black leggings and socks. I don't do very well in the heat, and I was sweating like a pig, it was gross. Adrenaline is like, a million miles away too. So I trudged all the way there, and nervously looked around at the nose jewelery.
Now, the thing I love about Adrenaline is that everyone there is so fucking friendly. I was there for maybe 2 minutes, and this (adorable) guy was at my side, asking if I needed any help. After talking to him, I waited 5 minutes, and then a girl (wish I could remember her name) with her dimples pierced called my name, and the whole procedure only took another 5 minutes. I didn't need to get it re-pierced, but I did need to get it strecthed open. She used a taper, which is a thin, blunt piece of metal (not very thin, actually) and pushes that into the whole, widening it, and then pulls it out and quickly sticks the stud in. Holy god, it hurt even more than getting it pierced. But it was in, and I was happy.

After I had completed this task, I realized it was too hot for socks, so I went to Payless and bought 2 pairs of sandals, and put one pair on after I'd bought them. Upon stepping outside, I felt immediately better. Summer is nice when you have a new pair of sandals on your feet.

But my day wasn't done yet. Took the Canada Line to the Langara stop, caught the 49 bus, took it to Knight, crossed the street and took the 22 home. Was home for a whopping total of 10 minutes, then caught the 22 up the hill again (and got the same bus driver as when I came down, lol). Accidentally got off 2 stops early, but then enjoyed a nice walk back to Famous Foods for some grocery shopping. Got a nice piece of salmon, some brussel sprouts, other treats, and a bunch of cheese, cold cuts and olives for the Links party tonight. Collected my tupperwares from the back (oh yeah, I had baked everyone at work coconut custard tarts) and went off home again, getting home at the same time as my dad.

PHEW. It was a busy day.

And to make this post even longer, let me tell you about my birthday party!
It's going to be a BBQ party at my mum's house, and there's going to be so much food! here's the menu:

  • buffalo burgers
  • beef/hot italian sausage burgers
  • salmon burgers (for the vegetarians)
  • hot dogs (and chicken dogs for amina)
  • potato salad
  • chips
  • cherry tarts
  • rose and pistachio cake
Now, I know that last one sounds funny, but you should see the picture in my cookbook. It looks amazing. I reaaaally want to make it.

Anyway, too much typing. I've got to do laundry, have a shower, clean my room, get the cold cuts ready for the lame party tonight, and yeah. Peace it.

PS. The lame party of which I speak is the Birthday Party Party, my brainchild. Last year I said our Rangers group should have a party to celebrate my birthday, and they we're like "lol no" so I said "Let's have a party to celebrate all of our birthdays!" They liked the idea. Of course, I ended up being in Toronto for it, so I missed it. This year the stupid Links group I'm in is having another one... but they gave it a theme.
The theme is "a sleepover".

You fucking morons! The theme for the Birthday Party Party is supposed to be (wait for it) A FUCKING BIRTHDAY PARTY. I'm not dressing up in my fucking pyjamas and bringing my stuffed bear with my. Good christ, you idiots, way to ruin everything. I'm going to be wearing a party dress and not slippers, thank you very much.


  1. BAH HA HA! why do people always pick lame assed theme! why cant it be like....animals. or guess that historical figure/celebrity. fuckers. im stoked on your b day. and the boys at adrenaline are hotty hot hotty

  2. oh my goodness, yes they are!
    and im stoked for my bday too!!