Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adventures With Boiling Water and Butter

A few days ago, when I was on my way to Futureshop so I could resurrect Fallout: New Vegas, I noticed I had a missed call from Peter. He was just asking if I was going to deal with the game problem, and then said "Oh, I saw Heather on the bus today. She said something about baking." I was like "Oh dope! I haven't seen Heather in ages!" So I texted her, saying that Peter had seen her on the bus and she'd mentioned baking. She replied with "Uhhh, I don't remember seeing your brother on the bus ever, but I love baking, so I'm down." Turns out Peter was referring to my cousin Heather, and she was talking about the Christmas baking that we were planning for December.

It all worked out though. Made plans for today with Heather to do some good, old-fashioned baking. I told her to text me the ingredients we needed while I was at work. She replied and told me that we needed "16 eggs, 4 cups icing sugar, 1lb of cream cheese, a lemon and chocolate chips. 4 glorious cakes. Stoked." My face was basically like Whaaaaa? and I texted back "Holy shit, 4 cakes?? You're a madwoman, but it's why I love you." to which SHE replied "Lmfao. Two each homie!"

So I bought 16 eggs, and 1lb of cream cheese, etc, and headed over to my good friend Heather's. Heather and I have been friends since pretty much the first day we met, in grade 4. She was the new kid from Newfoundland, and I invited her to play Grounders (if you don't know what Grounders is, you pretty much had no childhood). She doesn't actually remember this day. To her, the first time we met is when she moved into the townhouses that I grew up in, just three houses down from mine. I was shy, but my mom made me go over and say hello. I am so, so glad I did. I haven't been friends with anyone else for as long. It's been 11 years so far. We're not constantly in touch; sometimes we go for months without speaking to each other. But when we do get reunited, it's like we saw each other just the day before.

Anyway, I was talking about cake.

So we made an insane amount of batter, complete with 4 cups of butter and 4 cups of sugar. It was... an abomination. A delicious abomination. When they were cooking in the oven, however, it looked like they were baking in pans full of bubbling butter. They tasted like we'd deep-fried them. Actually, they kind of tasted like cornbread, which I love. We also made lemon cream cheese icing to go with them, and topped all that off with pure milk chocolate chips. Heart attack cake!

In more devastating news, I had a pot of boiling water spilled on my left foot. Heather's lovely friend, Molly, who is really very nice despite maiming me, was trying to drain the gargantuan pot of potatoes that had been boiling quite merrily on the stove. Her hand must have slipped, because I heard her yelp. I didn't actually feel anything for the first 1, 2, 3 seconds, and then OOOOHHHHHHMYYYYFFFUUUCCCKKKIINNNGGGGGOOOODDDDDDDDD. What an unholy pain. I've had burns before, but never on a large scale like this. I was kind of caught between flailing and being frozen in pain, when Heather shouted to take my sock off, which was keeping the boiling water against my raw skin. Then I shakily laughed it off and hobbled upstairs to put it under cold water. Honestly, that's the worst part of the burn, the cold water afterward. I never keep it under for as long as I should. Heather and her mum tried to convince me to put some stuff on it, but I'm too tough for that shit, so I sucked it up and politely declined. Because if I'm anything, it's all man, baby.

If you have never listened to Mother Mother, I strongly suggest you do so. Right now. They remind me a lot of The New Pornographers, actually, which is another great Vancouver-based band that my high school English teacher told me about. So all you guys better listen to them, because music is cool, and Vancouver is cool, so bands from Vancouver are obviously double cool.

Anywho, it's pretty late for someone who has to be getting up at 6:30, so I suppose I should get going now. However, here are two Things That Suck:

-I'm suddenly hungry, but I already brushed my teeth, and have to go to bed.
-Wearing socks and shoes with my burned foot tomorrow is going to be suuuuuch a bitch.

Hm. I think I might make that a regular thing.

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