Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nice Little Life

So I had such a strange, straaaange dream last night. There were a lot of bizarre elements to it, but the main part was about the afterlife.

A group of children and I (I was either one of the little kids, or a teacher) went on a field trip to a science base, somewhere in the woods. They were apparently doing experiments with time travel, and this being my crazy dream world, they were talking groups of school children on tours throughout time. We showed up, and everything was a flurry of activity. The military was there, and scientists were buzzing around in white lab coats. There was a long, dirt road that disappeared into the forest in front of us, and apparently that was the entrance to the portal. There was a large metal gate in front of us. We waited.

And waited.

We were there for a few hours, and everyone was getting pretty restless. The scientists were all ignoring us. Then, two young boys in my group just ducked under the gate and made a dash for it, laughing that they couldn't wait anymore. The scientists didn't seem to care, but I was frantic.

Then some kind of fight broke out behind us, and we all made a run for it. But it wasn't for time traveling. It was a portal to the afterlife. It wasn't really that great. Lot's of white, and things you wanted but couldn't have. There were all these beautiful clothes I wanted, and I figured that this was heaven so I could just take it, right? No, I was told that I would need to get a job so I could pay for anything I wanted. Worst heaven ever, right?

So I left. But on the other side, all hell had broken loose. There were either aliens or zombies stalking around, killing everyone. I had a pole that I was using to beat their heads in. Most of my fighting took place in what appeared to be a thrift store. Having defeated them, I went out to talk to the scientists to get some straight answers. They said that the group I was there with wasn't supposed to be there for a field trip. We were test subjects, meant to be sent through the portal and, if we returned, taken to have tests preformed on us. A few of the kids that went in with me did come back, but they were changed. They were all really wild and manic looking, and they couldn't stop smiling. They were really scary and savage though, and there veins stood out against their skin, electric blue, and their hair stuck up at odd angles, as if they'd been electrocuted.
There was one boy though, who was actually from the afterlife, or whatever it was supposed to be. He was freakishly intelligent, but looked just as manic and blue as the other children. The scientists kept him around to solve all their big problems.

Ah, it was just such a crazy dream.

So today after work, I went to the Vietnamese restaurant next door and ordered two Lemongrass Chicken Subs to take home for dinner. They were pretty busy, so I took as a seat and waited for my order. It took awhile. The lady brought me a cup of warm jasmine tea to drink while I waited. And as I sat there, drinking the warm tea and feeling the warmth spread out inside me, I was surrounded by the delicious smells of the restaurant and let my sore body ease into the chair. The only thought that came to mind was "What a nice little life I have." It is nice, to be able to take so much pleasure from such simple things.

And now, I think I will make some tea, and play some Fallout. Goodnight.

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