Saturday, November 6, 2010

In My Wildest Dreams

I was reading in the newspaper that something like 51% or 57% of Canadian women prefer catching up on their sleep on the weekends than sex. Honestly, I can totally believe that. Not that sex isn't swell, but I LOVE sleeping. I know some people have trouble getting to sleep and then staying asleep, but not me. Once I'm out, I'm out, and then it's off to my insane dreams.

Now, I know I talk about my dreams a lot, but that's only because they are the best. I know people like my sister who have the most boring dreams. She told me that once she had an entire dream where all she did was tie her shoes.

My dreams tie in to previous dreams. I can have dreams on different nights, hell, from different years, and somehow that first dream will have some meaning in the second one. Like, in Dream A, someone will mention something, like a phrase, or tell a story, and then months later, in Dream B, I'll remember it. It's kind of like I'm two different people: Dream Me, and Real Me.

Recently, I've been experiencing this really cool thing that used to happen to me a lot when I was a kid. I would be sleeping, and then just wake up for some reason. Not wanting the dream to be over, I would lay back down and let myself fall asleep again, and then pop right back into the dream, pretty much from the exact spot that I left off at. It's so great. Today I did it about 3 times.

My dreams are mostly always borderline-nightmares. We were in this strange warehouse, and Max was there, and a few other people, and we were... planning something. But something didn't want us to carry out our plans, so every time we started talking about it, this fog would come pressing in, and these... standing corpses would appear. I didn't think of them as zombies, but they were aware of us, and would stare. They were rotting and had worms and bugs crawling out of them, and they were covered in dirt. They didn't walk, but kind of floated, and would get way too close to you, like right in your face and just stare. Everyone else would just ignore them, but I was terrified. I would cling to Max,close my eyes and feel sick. I just wanted to run, and to wake up actually. It was awful.

There was also something about running around on a mountain I'd been to in my dreams before. And... damn, I really can't remember anymore.

Anywho, it's time I be getting ready for work. Peace.


  1. Oh pssh you know my dream are sometimes equally as insane. I had a dream that was the ending to a dream I had yearss ago, not too long ago. It was awesome.


  2. Ohhhh man, that is so cool!
    I remember that nightmare you told me about once, where you were in a boat and the engine was stuck, and then it turned out there was a womans head + spine tangled in the motor and it started screaming when you picked it up.

    Still makes me shiver.