Friday, January 15, 2010

Dreams, Pears and Il Nido

I am not a person unfamiliar to bizarre, mind-bending dreams. I dream frequently, and can remember most to all of them. And I have never had a normal one.
Last night, for instance, I dreamed I was in my front yard, composing music on a keyboard with a toddler. The toddler left in a huff, and my grandfather, dead for 13 years, showed up, looking morose. This is pretty weird, since I have dreamed of him only once before. I really didn't get to know the guy, although I've heard he was pretty badass.
Anyway, he asks me to play him some music. I see a trumpet case (which is weird, since I don't even own a trumpet; I'm a trombone player), and I open it up but have trouble getting a note out of the stupid thing. The wind is wailing and wailing, and rather mournfully, he looks up and says "Ah... That's Betty" (my long-dead grandmother).

Yeah. It was somethin', to say the least.

So Shabusens was a bust. I forgot how durned popular that place is, and it IS a Friday night. So we moved on. Red Robins was full. The Keg was a 25 minute wait. What to do?! Then my mom said "Hey, how about this little place, Il Nido? I've always wanted to go there!" People, it was fucking delightful. I got the best caesar salad I've ever had before (not like that crap you get at White Spot), followed by a puttanesca, pasta in a tomato sauce with assorted seafood, olives and capers. And dear me, it was brilliant. It was exactly like the seafood pasta dish I had in Florence two years ago, that I still think about from time to time. Now I know somewhere close to home that I can get it.

And there was the craaaaaaaaaziest guy on the skytrain back! I could tell he was crazy, and he has a bag on the seat next to him. Then this lady comes on and is like "Excuse me. Excuse me?! Can you move your bag? Yeah, yeah just move it. Thanks." I thought he was going to stab her. Then he sat there looking out the window saying "General Motors Place, General MotorsPlace, GeneralMotorsPlace, GENERALMOTORSPALCEGENERALMOTORSPLACEGENERALMOTORSPLACE" forever.
And the bitch that sat beside him had two cellphones. And she was using both of them at the same time! Was she texting herself? Is she a spy? Is she having an affair? What's going on there? These are the types of questions that plague my life.

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