Monday, January 18, 2010

Food, Being Lame and Maplestory

How do vegetarians do it?
I'm seriously hungry all the time, eating this rabbit food. And I have to keep buying more of it! Like, I can't just buy a big old jar of Healthy and crack that open whenever I need some nourishment. I have to continue buying fresh vegetables and fruit. Ugh, is this what being an adult is like? I'm not sure I'm a big fan of it.

I do, however, like shopping. Today I bought a vegetable cous cous pilaf mix, from good old Famous Foods. I'm so excited to try it! Cous cous is just like tiny rice, right? I should like it. And tomorrow I'm buying polenta! Why? I need something to fill me up. I have a feeling I'm going to be eating a lot of polenta. I wonder if you can bake it in the oven instead of frying it? And then I'm going to buy salmon jerky (it's really just smoked, dried, and heavenly delicious)!
Is this what happens? Once you become vegetarian-esque, you just obsess about food all the time? Blog about your grocery list? It's a sad, sad existence.

So I just went on to Facebook, and a girl I graduated with (we really aren't even what I'd consider 'friends') posted some pictures... of her cute downtown apartment, where she lives with her (way less attractive than her) boyfriend, and they cook food all the time! I waaaaaant D:
I remember, she was totally the cool kid in highschool. Like, she was cool without even trying. Whereas I didn't give a shit about being cool and wound up being not-cool, she didn't give a shit and was uber-cool. I have to admit, I am jealous. I just want the cute downtown apartment!

Sadly, that's all. I got stupid Maplestory, and it's just taking over my mind. I thought about it a decent amount while I was working today. Dear. God. Like, where the fuck are the Dark Stumps? They're supposed to drop some pants for me or something, so I can take them and construct a microphone to play some music to soothe the spirits of the slaughtered animals so I can remove their cursed blood from my Dirty Treasure Map! Yeesh! It's really not reasonable that life should be this hard.

PS. A thought occurs.

A week ago I was at work, on cash, and this old European man (a regular) comes through my till. Annoyingly, he pays for $13.00 of groceries with a $100 bill. We're supposed to scan anything bigger than a $20 bill, so I shove it under the black light. Being born a millenia ago, and in the Old Country, he asks what I'm doing.
"Scanning it to make sure it's real."
"Pfft! Scanning! We have to scan everything these days! Are you going to scan me too?"
"Hahaha, no." (rolls eyes)
"Hahaha... Oh, my poor, dead sister."
"Yeah.... what?"
"My poor, dead sister. Live healthy! 9 years younger than me! Die of liver cancer."
"Oh... well, that's... oh."
"I just can't believe it. I cried all night."
"I... uh, yes! Next customer!"

Oh my god, I feel so awful. I never, NEVER, what to say when people inform me of stuff like this. "I'm sorry" feels so impersonal, I feel like a jackass whenever I have to use it like that. And I said nothing. I think he was really looking for me to say something nice. But I don't know! I have no personal experience with death! Honestly, it all just freaks me out. I'm an incredibly awkward person anyway, but god.
Also, this may or may not be the same old fellow who showed me his concentration camp tattoo from Auschwitz. Like, what do you say?

I told you it was worth sticking around. A lot of weird stuff happens around me.

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