Sunday, January 17, 2010

Terrible Movies and Hats

You know what I have a huge problem with?

The Sex in the City movie.

This is the second time I've seen this movie (not by my choice!), and every time, I am struck by how fucking ridiculous it is.

Miranda, the ginger, is cheated on. Her husband has sex with someone else. "I'm so sorry. But it was only once!" Oh, hell, that makes it all better then! I was pleased when Miranda dumped his ass, but then all her stupid friends are all "Omg! I can't believe you haven't forgiven Steve yet!" What?? Why the fuck should she? Oh, he's sooooo sorry, and you're the bitch for not forgiving him.

For cheating? For having sex with someone else other than his wife? Yeah, why didn't you forgive him? It was only once!

If I'm anything like the women on this horrible, horrible show when I'm 40, I will throw myself off a fucking cliff.


The diet! My god, I've eaten so much fruit lately, it's ridiculous. But good! I feel good. Pears and strawberries, plain pasta with pine nuts and parmesan, sugar free chocolate and salmon jerky. Boy oh boy. Now if I could only get the exercise part underway...

Also, my sister bought the cutest hat a while ago. It's a little bucket shaped hat, with a short brim around the back, and a wider one on the front. It is adorable, and I am now adding it to my daily ensemble, since the weather is beginning to get all cruddy and typical of a Vancouver winter. Now that I've got one hat, though, I'm hooked! Needs more hats.

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