Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Shitastic Day

God, I get so tired.

So after being blown off (AGAIN) by my asshole sister, I took the bus home from work, angry.
It was the nice bus driver from yesterday, so I smiled pleasantly, and scored the seat right behind the driver's seat. I put all my bags down, and reclined with my iPod...

...aaaand I'm pretty sure I left my wallet on the bus. Because fuck me, right? Like, let's make this day as shitastic as we possibly can.

Hopefully, because I'm too good to keep cash in my wallet like a commoner, no one will steal and it, and maybe they'll give it to the bus driver and he'll give it to the lost and found. Or stalk me or something, I don't really care as long as I get it back.

So tomorrow, (after a phone call) I'm either making a trip downtown to the Translink Lost and Found, or heading over to my bank for yet another bank card. They're going to think I'm either the biggest retard, or that I'm scamming them or something.

Already, though, I'm recovering from my worst day ever. Stupid sister has said she'll make it up to me by taking me out to dinner (Saffron's?!!!!??) so that's nice, but will she deliver? I'm so used to being blown of by the slooty sloot-face, so it's not impossible that she'll a) forget, b) get high or c) just plain bail.

But I can never stay mad at her.

Ah well, as the sun sets, and I eat chocolate-covered cashews to ease my anxiety, I think to tomorrow, and all the new fuck-ups that lie in wait for me.

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