Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's The Opposite Of A Misanthrope?

Are you ready for a tale of epic proportions?

So yesterday, I lost my wallet. As I mentioned though, I'd been having the same bus driver for the last couple of days, so I thought that maybe he'd have found my wallet, recognized me, and turned it in or something. So, instead of taking the 29 like I normally do, I took the 26. I timed it perfectly, and he was driving the bus! I got on, and opened my mouth to ask about the wallet, and he said "You, hold on, just stand over there."

So I waited for the other people to pay their bus fare, and then he said "What's your first name?"
Obviously, I knew he had found and, and I got this biiiig smile and said "LisaRecchia, didyoufindmywallet!?" He laughed and said "That's not your first name!" Then, "Now, don't tell anyone, but when I find something, I'm supposed to take it to the lost and found. But I know you, I've been seeing you everyday for the last little while, so I took it home with me and decided to give it to you in person."

So I was reunited with my wallet! My little black wallet with the bird on it, who I bought in Toronto and already lost once before. But wait! There's more...

"So," he said. "I noticed you have two U-Passes in there." Uh oh. My friend Karina had lent me hers a while back, and it was expired now, so I forgot I had it. He said "What's her name?" I said, Karina, and he said "How do you know her?" I was getting a little suspicious. "Uh, from Girl Guides?"
Then he got this big smile on his face, and told me "Crazy thing is, I know her."

Seriously, people. Talk about a small fucking world. He knows Karina! Like, pretty well, actually. And he knows other people that I know! Cristina, Rosie, Carolina, Marisa, Yuki... Seriously, it was too crazy.

So I got my wallet back, and now me and the coolest bus driver in the whole world, Nelson Garica, are friends on Facebook. Happy ending!

I was practically exploding today, I was so happy. And it was infectious too. Every customer I had today went away smiling. I told a couple of people my epic, epic story, and they were just like "Holy shit, that's awesome."

Later, on the 19 bus, I heard two older men, complete strangers, pour their hearts out and tell their life stories to each other. One guy was from Northern India, and the other was from here. They were just talking and talking, and they had never met before right then. And I realized something. I love people. I love seeing stuff like that, the connections that we forge everyday in life. Before, if you had asked, I would have told you that I hated people. What's the opposite of a misanthrope?

PS. Eating the soup I made with my bare hands, and holy god, it is so facking good. Also, packing for Victoria. It's my anniversary trip! On January 26th, 3 years ago, a boy named Max asked out a girl named Lisa.

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