Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All Your Base Are Belong To Me!

So you know how you can google your own name, and then see how many hits you get? If I google my name, I get maybe 3 hits on the first page, and that's all. When Max googles his name, the entire first page is all him. Then I wondered what would happen if I googled my pseudonym, Ellemar. I use it for EVERYTHING. Every username for every website or forum or what-have-you I've joined in the last 3 or 4 years. So I gave it a go(ogle). Hahaha, fuck, that was terrible. Please, find it in your hearts to forgive me.

Anyways, I googled 'Ellemar'. And while there weren't entire pages devoted to my good name, I did manage to infiltrate pages as far back as page 46! There was an old Livejournal account (yes, I was one of those people), Photobucket account, Cracked account, forum posts, video comments, and (more importantly) this blog! But all the way back on page 24. Ultimate sadness.

You know what this means?

I am everywhere! I am so deeply woven into the very fabric of the Internet, I am in it's very farthest reaches. I don't know how I find the pictures, posts, comics, forums that I do, but I DO find them. Every time I send him something, he asks "Man, how did you find this?" Most of the time I don't remember.

And you know what I wish? That that could be my job. Max said "media researcher". Can someone actually be that? A media researcher? If so, sign me the fuck up. I know, it sounds like a trap, like the video game testing job. You think it'd be a sweet job, sitting around all day, playing video games and getting paid for it. But really, you have to play hours and hours of games that you don't get to pick. You could be playing Dora the Explorer video games, and every time you find some kind of glitch, you've got to write a report about it, and then start playing the same game again. And again. Media researcher does sound like it could turn out the same. But can you ever really get bored of the Internet?

This is a bit of a ramble, I realize, but I've just noticed that it's 3 am, and I am so fucking hot because of this laptop on my legs. I drank all my orange juice, and now it's time for bed.

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