Friday, March 19, 2010

So Long's

As I get older (and lonelier), I realize how important it is to have friends.

A boy (Stephen) that I have become friends with from work is going to Thailand in a couple weeks to do charity work. And then, after 2 months, is moving to Toronto. And I actually feel sad.

Now, this has honestly never happened to me before. I don't normally miss people. People leave, life goes on. I remember them fondly, but I have never, like, cried myself to sleep at night because there's a big empty hole in my heart what that person used to be.
But yeah, I'm genuinely going to miss this guy. Also because now there's going to be one less cool person at work, but I really do consider him a friend.

I was talking to him today, while I was slacking off in the deli and he was guarding the stairs, and I was telling him what I know of Toronto. He said he was excited to go to a place where he wouldn't be someones brother/cousin/son/etc, to just strike it on his own in a new city. and I have to say, I'm actually a little jealous. It would be kind of cool to just go to a city where you know no one and start all over. You could pretty much make yourself into anything you wanted to be.

He also made a game. Well, it's kind of a game. Play along, and comment below!

STEP 1: Think of the most disgusting thing you have ever seen.

STEP 2: Now imagine you have to put it in your mouth, and eat it.

Yaaay! My answer was either a) my brothers puke from last night. It looked like he'd eaten eggs (Mmm, omlette vomit!) or b) the dead guy at the funeral I had to go to when I was 15. Either, way, ew and ew. Now you have to play too!

Also, you know what really bothers me? When people pin the terrible behaviour of today's youth on video game violence. Kids acting out? GTA 4's fault. Apparently, a 13 year old boy shot his cousin in the face with a shotgun after playing Grand Theft Auto. Honestly? Any kid fucking dumb enough to pull that shit fails so miserably at life, it's not even funny. Because, you know, if it didn't kill you in the game, it won't kill you in real life. And for some reason, this story and another one, where a kid stabbed a person in a line while waiting to buy the newest GTA, both happened in England. What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Get your moron children under control, and stop owning guns. This isn't a case of video games being violent, this is a case of kids being dumbfucks.

Aaaah, just feeling melancholy right now. I don't know why. There's something going on in my head right now that I can't talk about. It's very confusing. I'm giving myself a couple of months to think about it some more, and then I will make a decision (hopefully) and obviously you guys (What are there, like 4 of you now?) will be the first to know.

She holds a smile
Like someone would hold a crying child.

PS. Fuck, I forgot!!

Listen to this! Listen to this immediately! Especially Fall Out Boy fans. Non-fans are allowed too, however, to marvel at this man's musical genius. ALSO: When did Patrick get so freaking skinny? Omg omg, fan-girl mode engaged.


  1. xD I love hearing about stupid kids, video games, and violent crime. I completely share your point of view, and it pisses me off, because it makes a bad name for all of us. I love playing violent video games, but I'm not stupid enough to go out in real life and like, "GET OVER HERE! DEADLY FATALITY!" (^_^' Lol, Mortal Kombat reference.)

    I'm sorry about your friend moving away, though. I can't say that I've reached the point where people mean that much to me, though. I'm working on it. ^_^'

    And by the way, that is the most disgusting game I've ever heard of. xD

  2. Yaay feedback.

    Eh, people aren't so great. Only a few of them; the other ones I don't really care about.

    And yes, it really is. Pray tell me, what was the disgusting thing you thought of?